Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Valentine Dinner 2014

I know it is kinda late to post about Valentine Dinner on October. But It never occurs to me to share about this private event. At least, not until I saw the videos I made during the dinner. I guess I always plan to actually share it on my blog, I just somehow didn't remember.

I was pretty lucky that February. I keep winning a lot of contest on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I got free Brunch Buffet for 2 in Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta, Romantic Dinner for 2 in Cloud Lounge and Living Room, and other gifts from magazines that I never claimed because I was too lazy to go and retrieve the gift.

The one I am going to talk about is the Romantic Dinner in Cloud Lounge. I got the gift from Nu Green Tea. Around late January and early February, they had this contest on Twitter to create a pick up line. Well, apparently I still have that flirtatious Gemini inside of me. So creating pick up line was not that hard for me. Obviously this Gemini won the quiz along with 2 other person.
3 Couples, winners of Nü Gombal from Nü GreenTea

On the day of the dinner, me and boyfriend came early. So I got a chance to document everything on the location. Aaaah it was strikingly beautiful up there in Cloud. They do know how to get a girl going. They re-create romance in a fancy semi-private room for dining. There was only 5 tables there. I assume there were 5 winners. Actually there were only 3 winners including me and the rest of the tables was occupied by Nu Green Tea PR Team.

The Foods;
Appetizer; Salad

Bf is a vegetarian. So he exchanged the steak to vegetarian pizza.
This is my original steak. I asked them to made new one without the cream and well done.

The new one, still not as well done as I hope it could be.

I didn't eat mine because I have lactose intolerant.
 Food-wise, it wasn't really memorable for me. But we were blown away by the decoration. The bar on the 30th floor (I think) was really nice too. It was an open sky bar and that night the weather was pretty nice. There were 2 other couples. But we didn't really talk to them. Everyone was enjoying their romantic night with their partner.

Some pictures from the dinner and the bar;

Price: Free, Thanks to Nü Green Tea
Food: 7
Interior: 9
Location: 9
Overall: 8