Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Moroccan Bath at Spa and Beyond

Groupon's Voucher Pic
My bestie texted me on Whatsapp telling me she found a good deal for spa treatment in Senopati area. She told me their description of Moroccan Bath sounds nice and appealing. So we decided to go there last Sunday.
Here is where you can find the link for the voucher Groupon

The owner of Spa and Beyond used to be a stewardess with a frequent flight to Morocco. She heard a lot about the bath and spa treatment there and after learned and experienced it herself, she decided to open one in here. 
All the ingredients they used here are originally coming from Morocco. I assume the owner's husband, who is a pilot with a frequent flight to Morocco, is the one who bought all the ingredients.
bathrobe and one-time-only underwear
 They put me and my friend in the same room. So, we were about to elevate our friendship level to a more intimate
2 Massage beds with personal shower head attached to the bed
I took the red robe and picked the bed right next to the bathtub. I love their decoration. The room is pretty small but decent for 2 persons treatment. They also play nice relaxing musics that helps us concentrating on our spa experience. Obviously, we ignored that and instead started chitchatting about the recent gossip.
Equipments and Ingredients
The first thing they would do is asking you to get on your robe and moved to a steam room. There will be a small (one person only) steam box thingy. We were supposed to be steamed for 15 minutes. I gave up after 10 minutes. It was to hot for me. The lady said I have red mark on my skin because the steam was too hot for my (ehmmm) delicate skin.
2nd, they will put the black moroccan soap on your body and scrub it down. Then they will clean it up with warm water from the shower head.
3rd, they will rub volcanoes mud on your body and leave you to relax for about 10 minutes, so the mud will settled in nicely.
After they clean the mud, they put the expensive Argan oil right before they massage your body. I got tickled easily. The lady jumped with surprise when I almost kicked her when she tickled (massaged) my feet's palm.
The last treatment would be milk bath. The lady throw some milk powder onto a warm water on the bathtub. Wish they would use real milk in a liquid consistency or more generous amount of the powder at least. It was barely milky.
Eventually we even shared a bathtub relaxation, milk bath
I guess it will be a better experience if I was there with my newly wedded husband, instead of my best friend hehehe

I like the result when I get glistening and glowing moisturized skin. It doesn't leave me with any significant scent at all. Was hoping they will lit the flower candle that I saw earlier. Turned out it was just for decoration. I definitely would like some flowery or fruity after scent on my skin. 

The voucher that I bought was Rp.170.000 (originally Rp.560.000). Slightly too expensive for the original price. They did using a lot of imported products tho. Don't worry if you don't have the voucher because they have 50% promotion till June 2015.
Massage bed for other Spa Treatment
Place: 8 (small but, clean, cute, and decent)
Service: 9 (polite and very helpful)
Treatment: 8
Price: 7 (slightly too expensive)

Bonus, picture of us after the treatment, sosialita sandal jepit