Friday, October 10, 2014

First Trip to Korea (Part 1)

 I have never posted about my trip to Korea on my blog before. I decided to finally post it in here.
On January 2012, I got a job in Korean sort-of-NGO-like company. They said I have to get a training for new employee in Seoul, South Korea. Because the headquarter is located in Seoul. On early February finally I issued my first Passport in Kanim Jakarta Selatan.  I got my passport a week after applying it.

I thought applying for Korean Visa would be difficult. But apparently since I am working for Korean Government (by the time), it was actually easy. It only took less than 2 hours to get the Visa. I just have to go to the Embassy with my boss and talked to the Head of Consular or something. And I got the visa within the same day less than 2 hours. On my second Korean VISA, i got it after a day, but I didn't even have to go to the Embassy. Oooh goody! The benefit for working in my previous office.

I didn't go to Seoul by myself. I went there with another new girl from the office. The rest of the team was waiting for us there, including new employees from other countries like China and Vietnam.

Don't worry, I am not gonna bore you with the training detail. I am just gonna share you the story of my first visit to Korea, a country that I had been longing to go ever since I was in college. It was one of the reasons why I started to learn Korean from internet.

Waiting for the Korean Air in Soetta Airport

Just arrived in Incheon, Seoul 

Standing in front of our apartment. I lived in Vabien II, close by to Seoul Police Department's Central Office.

Learning how to use the T-Money that I got from my kind boss.
Part of the training is to contribute in local orphanage. I feel like I was in K-Drama, a Cinderella story ;-)
It was March but still really cold for me. It helps a lot to eat warm steamy odeng 'fishcake' on street food stall during our midnight shopping experience.

Most favorite dish during winter, I don't really know the name. But it was a combination of seafoods, vegetables, and ramyun boiled in a big pot on your table.
One of the cosmetic store in Dotta Mall near Cheon river stream
Futuristic Electronic Car in Museum of Technology
Shoes Repairmen has their own small cute box shop
I spent a week there mostly in the office. The only free time I have was at night. Either I would spent it gossiping with the new girls in their apartment (3 or 2 girls per 1 apartment) or we would do some midnight shopping, karaoke-ing with boss and senior co-workers, Watching Cooking Nanta show, or meeting with some of my friends from Korea or Indonesian who lives in Korea. I shared apartment with the 2 other new girls from Indonesia's office (one Indonesian, one Korean who lives in Indonesia).

I would share more about my trips on the second part of my post. Thank you for reading my post. 

PS: Continue to Part 2, Here.

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