Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lion Air Massive Delay

As you probably already know about the recent news on Lion Air Massive Delay, we would like to share you what we also experienced on our recent holiday to Singapore.

Our flight JT158 was supposed to depart 6pm from gate D4 (so it says on the boarding pass). As we walked to D4, it was actually occupied by Air Asia and Jetstar. They told us Lion Air is located in D5 now.

Oh well! We went to D5 and they told us it was only for JT160 and JT158 is located in D7. Grrrrrr
We proceeded to D7 just to be told they were already booked for a Japan Airlines.

It was an hour to our departing time, yet we didn't know where the gate is. We were getting nervous. So did other passengers. I saw some of them started yelling at those Lion Air airport staffs. They have been throwing us off like a pingpong ball here and there, D4, D5, D7. We had been walking around back and forth to those gates. Jetstar and Air Asia staffs looked at us with sympathy.

They also delayed our flight for almost 2 hours. All they said is that there were some problem with the immigration. However, this time they gave us food, Hoka-Hoka Bento. I guess they learned something from the previous massive delay case. Still some passengers were already upset about the delay and the gate changing.

It also happened on our way back to Jakarta from Singapore. They moved the gate from A14 according to the boarding pass to A12. Fortunately there was no delay on the flight coming back to Jakarta.

We learned our lesson. No more Lion Air for us.

If you are looking for budget Airlines, maybe try Tiger Air, Jetstars, Air Asia, etc.

FYI, Batik Air is also part of Lion Air Group.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekend Trip to Bandung with Best Friend

2 months ago on New Year, me and my best friend decided to go on a trip to Bandung. We are usually more of a suitcase traveler, but this time we wanted to try backpack travel style. I organized the hotel and my friend organized the transportation.


We decided to go to Bandung with Baraya Travel from Slipi Petamburan, Jakarta. It only cost us Rp.85.000/person/one way


First I looked for the place on AirBnB website. We found one that we like. Chez Bon Backpacker Hostel in Braga owned by Pak Bondan, the famous 'maknyus' guy from TV. Then I check pegipegi.com as it turned out the price is cheaper to book using pegipegi.com

Also I found out that we can use a voucher code (that I found from a nice Kaskus agan-agan) and get more discount.
1st Day, tired but happy and excited 
almost empty room

Cost: Rp. 100.000/person/night

It was a bunk bed style and separate room for boys and girls. Our room was pretty big with 8 bunk beds. There were 2 other people when we came in and later on the 2nd day, one bule girl joined us, the rest of the other 2 girls left. It almost feel like we stayed there only the 2 of us most of the time. We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights.

Didn't have a chance to try this Bandros Bus 
FO in Riau

Secret Garden FO in Riau

OTW to Alun-Alun

Alun-Alun, that boy photobombing us
Braga Huiz, a cafe right next to our hostel, took this one on the last day

Outside view from Braga Huiz using Camera 360


I am pretty sure this is what you have been waiting for.

 We were on our way to Ceker Setan Restaurant. We came way too early and they were not open yet. So, we decided to walk around the area and we found this small stall of Seblak. It is as if the Seblak tried calling us to drop by and try it. So, we did and it was sshhhh spicy. Too bad it was way too soupy for me and weak taste of garlic, too spicy, and less salty. So, this one despite how nice looking it was, was a let down.

Ceker Setan Restaurant, a must visit!!!!

Crunchy Ceker Rujak, Crunchy Chicken Feet with Sweet Soury Dip
This was really really good. Love how crunchy it was and yet the spices soaked in nicely in the ceker and the crunchy part. Dip it or not, it was still yummy!!

 We got lost so many times trying to find this Qoedavan store. Their address on the website is slightly misleading. If you wanna look for it, make sure you look for it from Dipati Ukur area, close by UNPAD and look for a sign that says "Tahu Yun Yi", they haven't change the old sign.

In Qoedavan store, you can find a lot of variety of Bandung snacks; mochi ice cream (The best..seriously the best mochi ice cream I have ever tried for only 5k rupiah/each), macaroni, chips or keripik setan, etc

I bought 2 of the macaronies and soon it was all gone. I ordered 2 bigger portions from their BBM and had it deliver to Jakarta also soon it was all gone. Imagine how good it was!!

Instant Seblak

Mie Lidi, childhood favorite snacks

Braga Permai's famous Nasi Goreng Rendang
 Okay! I am a big fan of Nasi Goreng. I love it so much. This is one is like, I met my crush. Seriously good blend of spices and bits of rendang meat inside. Couldn't finished the big portion, took it to the hostel and warm it up for the next morning and it was still delicious. Recommended!!!

I bought this nasi goreng for dinner in Braga Permai. Braga Permai is a historical restaurant that has been there for a very long time. A lot of go there whether they are simply local people spending night out or tourist with a high curiosity for Braga's Colonial Looking Buildings.

Check out their website for more information on their delicious menu.

Braga Huiz's Spagheti Cheese something
We went to Braga Huiz located next door to our hostel on the 2nd night and the morning before we are leaving for Jakarta. They have a unique Colonial interior with a cozy seating arrangement. Most of their foods are probably something that you will find easily in Jakarta with slightly cheaper price.

Location: Jalan Braga No.47, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40111, Indonesia
+62 22 4260791
I ordered this Soft Omelette with Crispy Potato from Braga Huiz

Dessert; Ice Cream Chocolate

I forgot where did I get this picture.

Oleh-oleh for a friend.
The highlight of our trip to Bandung was the food culinary. Everything is super duper cheap in Bandung. Mochi Ice Cream that will cost us 15k rupiah in Jakarta only cost us 5k rupiah/each. We ate like almost 5 of these delicious yummy cold mochi ice cream. The plate full of ceker cost only 35k rupiah, I think. Even in a nice looking restaurant like Braga Permai and Braga Huiz, everything is slightly cheaper than the price in Jakarta.

I forgot how much we spent for shopping and food, but I remember it was all worth it. Definitely going back for more of the mochi, ceker, macaroni, nasi goreng, FO(s), etc.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: Mad For Garlic at Grand Indonesia

I have always passed by this restaurant so many times on my way to Forever 21 in Grand Indonesia. It is located in West Mall and right before the escalator in front of Seibu. Back then, I was not a big fan of garlic. So I would avoid to eat garlic.

Several days ago when I was sick, I have serious craving for some garlic dishes. My partner and I decided to check that place last night and We didn't regret our decision..not even a bit. You would know why!
Our food; Garlic Pane
 It looked like a simple garlic bread. But oh boy that explosion of flavor on my mouth. I am not kidding when I said this is Yummy!!! Only 30k rupiah or $2.50 for 2 big sizes of garlic bread. It has sweet savory on top and salty butter taste inside. Crispy and crunchy outside, chewy and soft inside. It doesn't get better than that. Totally Recommended for Appetizer.

His Food; Cheese Fondue with Garlic
 He said this food might come from Norther Italy as this is one of their special dish. 
Fun fact, Mad For Garlic is actually Korean owned Italian restaurant. Since Korean loves garlic so much. They infused or added garlic to Italian foods.

The waiter roasted a garlic and peeled it for us. Then he put the garlic inside the fondue. It actually added a rich flavor to a creamy fondue.

a little dip or dip it all the way..all good

His food; Ratatouille Pizza 
 Have you heard of this Ratatouille? Maybe you have seen the movie and been wondering how it taste like. You can try this one in Mad For Garlic. Simply delish! With a little bit of goat cheese on each slices, it is a guarantee for a savory dish. As someone who doesn't like cheese (almost hate it), I actually (and surprisingly) enjoy this pizza. I ate a slice of it. The Ratatouille sauce matched perfectly with the cheese. This one is only 75k rupiah. Boyfriend said this is too cheap for such a fine taste.

My Ordered; Garlic Holic Fried Rice
Mamma Mia! It was yummy. Slightly too salty at first bite, but I get used to it. I don't understand when people said this dish taste bland. How could it be? The garlic taste is pretty strong and a hint of shrimpy paste too. This was 90k. A big portion for 2 people, we took same of this home and ate it for breakfast. Still good!

Food       : 9
Service   : 8
Location : 8.5

Mad For Garlic
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town West Mall Lt Ground 20A, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
+62 21 23581076

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: The Cafe at Hotel Mulia

Last Sunday, me and my partner went to The Cafe at Hotel Mulia for their Lunch Buffet. I have heard a lot about them, mostly about the dessert place. They said The Cafe has dedicated room for only dessert. How fancy!!

These are foods from our plates;

My 1st Plate; Texas BBQ, Onion Loaf, Beef Croquete, Roasted Herb Potato
 I didn't finish the beef, both of them as it is not really suit my taste. I am sure they taste great. I just prefer my meat to be induced on so many flavors and spices, instead of a bland one. The onion loaf was sooooo delicious. I am not a big fan of onion, but I ate a big chunk of it anyway. Roasted herb potato dipped in chili sauce was super yummm!

His 1st Plate
 He seems to really enjoy his first plate. He said the bread was fluffy and chewy, a good combination with garlic sauce.

My 2nd plate; Safron Rice, Aloo Kulcha?, Dal Tadka, Butter Chicken, Pappadams
 For Indian food in hotel buffet, I would say this is good one. I would not say that this is one of the best Indian food. Because Indian food dedicated restaurant might have better authentic taste. But I still enjoy The Cafe's Indian foods too, especially the Dal Tadka (Yellow Dal/Mung bean soup).

His 2nd Plate; Crackers and Variety of Cheeses
The Cafe has an outstanding cheese collection. They have at least 15 different type of cheeses; parmesan, mozarela, gouda, blue cheese, cheddar, etc. My partner said (He loves cheese, all kinds of cheese) The Cafe might be one of the best buffet with excellent choice of cheeses and those cheeses are grade A quality. 

My 3rd Plate: Dal Tadka again, Garlic Naan, Smoked Beef
I was stunned as turned out The Cafe has a fancy meat section too. All kind of smokey to tapas looking meat are available. I took a slice of whatever that is, my guess would be smoke beef. For Muslim fellow,  they have pork too there. So make sure you read the sign to find out what kind of meat you are about to eat. I had to get another portion of Dal Tadka. I love it.

His 3rd Plate: Cheese Naan, I called it Cheesy Naan
He was so happy with his 3rd Plate. He said there is so much cheese inside. Just look at how chewy looking is that cheese that came out of the naan. Yumm!!!

My 1st dessert; Chocolate Bar with Vanilla Cookie

His 1st dessert: Napoleon looking dessert,

His 2nd dessert

his 3rd dessert. He actually ate this 2 selections twice. Coconut Pineapple and Coconut Oreo

My 2nd Dessert: Floating Island
This one!!! This is it!! The one!!! Spongey Meringue floating on top of cold drippy chocolate sauce. My highlight of that day!!!

My 2nd Floating Island topped with pistachio. This is just keep getting better!!! 
Food        : 9.0 (me) 9.3 (him)
Service    : 9.0 (me) 9.0 (him)
Location  : 7.0 (me) 7.0 (him) It was tooooo crowded.

Make sure to call and book a seat as it might be super crowded.

The Cafe, Hotel Mulia
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
+62 21 5747777