Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Korea: Portable Wifi

Most of Wifi in Korean public areas are not free. You need to buy the package before using it. Of course you can always go to a cafe and use their wifi. But you can't always go to a cafe every time you need to connect to internet.

There were cases where I find it difficult to meet my friends without wifi to contact them on Kakaotalk or Line. So, I decided to get Egg Wifi on the 2nd day of staying in Seoul.

There are 2 famous companies that rent out portable wifi. I will show you the differents and benefits from different companies.

1. Wifi-Korea

You can get it in the airport or in Insa-dong. But you need to book it first. Either book it before your flight to Korea or when you already in their Insa-dong's office.

Decide which packet do you need. If you are going to stay only in Seoul area, it is best to get the UDP package. $2.99/day
Where and how do you want to return it? 

  • If you want to return it in the airport or to the hotel front desk, you have to pay deposit of $100 with credit card which they are gonna return it back once you return their device in the airport/hotel. Make sure, you come to the airport really early to return the device. 
  • If you want to return it to Insa-dong's office, there will be cash deposit which will be returned the same day you returned their device to the office.

2. Pocket Korea Wifi

Similar to ESP Package above
Similar to UDP package above
Similar procedure to Wifi-Korea but their deposit is slightly smaller $50 compare to Wifi-Korea, which should not be a problem since it will be returned to your account once they got their device back. Pocket Wifi Korea also delivers to the house, AirBnB house, apartment, or hotel where you stay.

These are the comparisons between 2 companies;
ValueWifi-KoreaPocket Wifi Korea
PriceCheaper Package--More Expensive
Booking ProcessEasier---
Now, you have to decide which service do you want to use, whether Wifi-Korea or Pocket Wifi Korea. Then enjoy your fast internet in Seoul.
Personally, I prefer using Wifi-Korea's service, because their package is a lot cheaper. Sure, the deposit is more expensive. But eventually I will get it back. I checked my Credit Card and I got the deposit back within a week after returning the device in the airport.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Anna Sui Lip Stick G

I am always a big fan of lipstick, not so much of a lip balm or lipgloss girl. I just got this Anna Sui Lip Stick G no.351 last Friday. I would like to share my experience with you.
I almost thought it was batik pattern...lol
 ★ Features ★
The claimed features are down bellow;
● A romantic lipstick with a shooting star bullet
Yes, the tip of the lipstick is in a shape of a star bullet. Cute and unique. The sharp tip makes it easier to reach the side of the lips. Tho, I have to be careful so it won't stroke on outside of my lip.
● Translucent Color × Glittery, Phantasmagoric Shine!
● A translucent base to showcase the SHINE & GLOW of glitter
I thought this 2 points are similar. I failed to understand the differences.
● Long-lasting shine & fresh, juicy hydration!
This is appear to be true. I wore it for a day and it doesn't make my lip felt dry at all. Long lasting in its own way.

Cute inner packaging

Shooting Star bullet tip
Available Shades
ScentNo ScentPrefer No Scent
HydratingYesLove this one
Long LastingYesduring fasting, no eat/drink
ColorTranslucentPersonally not into translucent color
Buy again
Yes, probably different shades

Price: Rp. 245.000
Where you can find it?

Jakarta : Seibu Grand Indonesia, Galeries Lafayette, Sogo Plaza Indonesia, Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall, Sogo Pondok Indah Mall, Sogo Kota Kasablanka Mall, Metro Taman Anggrek, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Glow Plaza Indonesia, Parkson St. Moritz.

Bandung: Sogo Pariz Van Java. 

Surabaya: Sogo Galaxi Mall, Sogo Tunjungan Plaza IV, Metro Ciputera World.

Bali : Centro Discovery, Glow Beachwalk.

Medan: Sogo Sun Plaza, Parkson Center Point

Disclaimer: Anna Sui Indonesia just sent me this lip stick to review. This is not sponsored review.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Korea: Seoul Subway App and Hotel Accommodation App

New in town (Seoul)? Worrying about how to go around in Seoul? No worries. Technology is here to help you out, not just with map or going around town with Subway but also helping you find a good decent accommodation for your stay in Seoul that might be better than staying in hotel or motel.

1. Seoul Subway Map by Malang Studio Co,LTD

I noticed that even some Korean that I encounter used this app when they wanted to find out the route to go to their destination or the schedule for the train. It is very useful for tourist as it is available in English language too.

 All you need to do is install this app on your Android Phone or iPhone and then download the data. So, it can be used offline. Yes, you heard me right. It is offline application. Making it easier for tourist who doesn't have Korean cellphone number.

Open the app, pick the origin station, click depart from, pick the destination and click arrive at. Voila. There you go. There will be list of station you need and the route you have to take.

These are the links to download it;
Android: Play Store
iPhone: iTunes

2. Hotel Accommodation App: Airbnb

Have you heard of AirBnB? Yes, it is a kinda cool app to search for cheap and comfy accommodation during your trip. You just have to type in the name of your destination and all the list of apartments, hostels, rooms, houses, villas, etc will pop out on the app.

The idea of Airbnb is to help those who has more spaces in their house or has extra accommodation and use it as a way to make income by putting it on a list here. Also to help tourists or visitors to find cheap and better accommodation than hotel. 
This is how it looks on the website homepage
Like I said earlier, you just need to type in the city of your destination and the date of check in and check out, also how many people will go with you. 
This is the search look for Seoul, every time you move the map, there will be more list pops out.
If you joined now and click Airbnb website from the one I gave you down here. You will get $25 Airbnb credit that you can use for your first trip.

Website: Airbnb <- Click Here for $25 off for your first time using Airbnb
Android: Play Store

My Experience with the Apps: Seoul Subway and Airbnb

1. Seoul Subway app or Subway Korea app has been a great help through out our trip in Korea this early June. I get to pick the shortest route or the slightly longer one with less transit stops. I get to modified our trip on the subway based on what I prefer. As we all know in Korea, subway is the cheapest and fast way of transportation. I absolutely love this app. I recommended this for everyone wanting to visit Seoul. Nope, They didn't paid me for this recommendation or reviews.

2. Airbnb has landed us in a very cute place in Dongmyo area. It was so comfy and close to all the tourist destination. The place where I booked for our holiday was a cute studio apartment in Dongmyo. In front of the apartment, there is flea market and on Sunday, they will have more sellers there. Truly a gem to find something for cheaper price. GS25 (kinda like 711) is so close. Only 5 minutes from the place to subway station. Super convenient. We love that place.
Pictures of the place we stayed in
We paid only 5 million rupiah for the whole week there. It is definitely cheaper than staying in a 2 million/night hotel or more comfortable than shared bedroom in hostel.

What are you waiting for? Start saving some money for your next trip or book the ticket already. Go now! ♡ ^_^

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Korea: Tips for Transportation Around Seoul

Dearest friends,

Korea has become such a hype place for tourist destination nowadays. It attracts mostly girls, thanks to their infamous Myeongdong Cosmetic Heaven...lol

But it is such a shame if you guys are not interested in Korea. They have so many things to offer. One biggest reason to visit Korea is their rich culture and culinary. Seriously Korean food might be one of the best in the world. Korean has always been known as detail oriented community. You can see their precise detail on their culinary and architecture.

For a newcomer to Korea, especially Seoul. I would like to share our experience how to save money for transportation in Seoul based on what you guys need and how long you will be spending fun holiday in Seoul.

1. Seoul City Pass

 Can be used for Seoul City Tour Bus, Seoul Bus and Metro Subway.
Source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_6.jsp?cid=261307

2. T-Money

 This is my favorite one. Because it is flexible as to how many trips I want to go to and cheaper for my needs. I will explain more later on this page.

It can look different from this one. They sell different variation of T-Money. It could be card or key chain form. I love the key chain form. I could hang it on my phone.

No worries, you can just buy one of this and you don't have to put your information contact. It used to be like that. But nowadays, tourist can just used it once they bought it.
Recharge your T-Money here. Can be found on every subway stations.

3. Single Trip Subway Ticket

This is the most expensive one. Not only you have to pay for the deposit, but it is also a waste of time. You need to keep getting this ticket every time you want to use subway. So, my suggestion is to find nearest GS25 or 711 in airport and but T-Money or find tourist information and asked them where to get T-Money or Seoul City Pass in airport.

Comparison between Seoul City Pass and T-Money

According to our experience, it was cheaper using T-Money instead of Seoul City Pass. Since we stayed for a week and not using the Seoul City Tour Bus.

This is our itinerary;

The red blocked part was delayed caused by Japan Airlines. Sigh.
Assuming we did 8 trips a day by Subway (which we did almost every day and even more than 8 trips sometimes) including the long trip to airport, it only cost us 35.000 KRW with remaining 8.000 KRW left on my T-Money.
We did 8 trips a day because in the middle of the day we always go back to the apartment to nap. All the walking and sightseeing drained our energy...lol

We went there on summer. So 6pm were still bright and night started at 8pm. We usually stayed out till 11pm. Remember that subway stopped working from around 11pm. So, don't stay out too late.

I will post about subway information app that will be useful to use even when you don't have internet on the next post.

Have fun in Korea ^_^

Friday, June 5, 2015

Married Life: 10 Things Wife Has To Get Used To

I have posted an article about Married Life: 10 Things My Husband Has To Get Used To and now it is time for my turn.

1. Sock Monster

    I just did packing our suitcase for our trip to South Korea. I asked him how many socks he wants me to put on the suitcase. He said one for each day. Who would change socks one or twice a day? That is insane. I would wear the same socks for at least a week (I am not gross, right!?). So, imagine how many socks he has? Yes, a pile of them. He really is the Sock Monster.
Source: earthfaire.com

2. The Farting Guy

    I might be the farting girl. But I always believe (self claimed) that my fart doesn't smell bad. His fart, on the other hand, has the ability to kill weaker living being like plants. lol. Anyway, we are no longer a shy fart-er.
Source: Mandatory

3. Budgeting

    I used to do budgeting for my monthly allowance too, ever since I was in college. But married couple budgeting is a whole lot different. There is electricity, water, maintenance, apartment rent fee, allowance for hobby, green card fee, honeymoon fee, both of our tax, etc. This is not fun.
Source: nationaldebtrelief.com

4. Mysterious Noise at Night

    Once upon a time, I heard weird noise at night. Krrrrr Krrrr groook grooook. It woke me up from my sleep. Turned out it was my peacefully sleeping hubby snoring away. Originally he doesn't snore. However, after I massively force feeding him with love (uugh so cheesy hehehe), he has gained weight. It is probably affecting his breathing problem now that he has belly. Maybe this is not healthy. Should watch our diet from now on (if I can).
Source: Pinterest

5. Smelly Cheese

    I hate dairy products and most of my friends/families know this. I don't like the smell of milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream, etc. It is a curse really. Now that I am married to half 'bule' guy who loves cheese. It is unavoidable to have cheese on our fridge. Baking soda kinda help with the smell on the fridge. But it is different case when the Mister decided to nom on his cheese. Usually, I will sit at least 1 meter away from him (his cheese).
Source: clubpenguin.wikia.com

6. Whereabout Report

     I really don't mind this. It shows that he actually care when he asked me where I was. The part that I love being married to this guy is that I get to have normal social life. I still go out with my girls till late at night (10pm is my curfew, I am a girl next door). I get to join Meetup's hangout, Couchsurfing's gathering, and other fun events with random people over the internet. He doesn't mind me doing all of this as long as I update him on my whereabout or on what kind of event.

7. Weird Bahasa Indonesia

    He has been learning Bahasa Indonesia for quite some time (I would not say diligently tho). There has been several funny cases when he said the wrong things. I always had a good laugh and would posted it on Path or FB. Sharing is caring right!?

He mistook 'susu kedelai' (soy milk) as 'susu keledai' (donkey milk). Pretty far huh? lol

8. Ugly T-shirt

    I am not talking about t-shirt with famous rock stars or jersey sport outfit. This is like really really old t-shirt that has changed color. I have thrown away some of it. Wonder why he keeps it. He said it was not for emotional value. He was just too lazy to buy new clothes. Now that he has a wife to buy him clothes (whose also has better fashion sense than him), he doesn't mind if I throw away or give away some of his rugged t-shirts.

9. Clumsy Hubby

    He is not so clumsy. But our place is too small for him and he rarely pay attention to smaller things or to things that was not on his range of vision. So many times, he accidentally kicked a water bottle, entangled his feet on cable, dropped something from the small table. Worse case scenario was when he accidentally kicked the pointy side of the bed on his way to the toilet one night.

10. Overly Initiative Husband

      He is super sweet. But sometimes, he would take initiative on things that was not necessary. I found it cute tho. Like one time, I was sick and I asked him to buy some foods and medicine. He thought buying a flower will make me feel better. So he bought a single red rose and bite the stem to make it look like a cheesy filmy move. It looks really silly with plastic full of foods and medicine on both hand and rose on his lips.

Source: Pinterest
He wants to look like this.
His action was well appreciated of course. Hihihi

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Married Life: 10 Things My Husband Has To Get Used To

Married life was not always pretty. Married life was not always full of fights or loves. It has much more than that. It is more complex than computer software. What do I know? I just get married like 2 months ago.

But let me share our married life stories (with censor, obviously!)

It has been 2 months, we are married couple now. There are things that we already know since we were dating (for 2 and a half years). But there are still a lot more other things that we didn't know before that.

On this post, I will share about things that my husband has to get used to since he decided to marry me.

1. Farting

    We have been dating for more than 2 years, but I managed to hold my fart. So I was never found farting in front of him. The first week of us getting married, we celebrated by having farting competition. As the farting girl that I am, I won the competition and got the title 'The Farting Girl'.

2. Hairs on the floor

    It might comes as a shock but living with woman means you need to get used to seeing hairs on the floor. Yup, our hair has the ability to unattached it self from the scalp. It will clogged the shower drain, it will be on the bed, or on the floor. You will find it more before or during period and stressful time. 

3. Closet War

    Simple really, woman has more clothes than man. The war of the closet zone was divided fairly. By fair, I mean he got 1/8 of the area which is one single section while I got 4 other single sections and the hanger area and drawers too. Fair enough!

4. Make up Disaster

   It is normal to find vanity mirror full of make up/cosmetics. Nope, that pencil is not for you to write, it is for me to draw my eyebrow and I will not leave the house with my eyebrow drew nicely.
Source: weheartit.com
Man: Can I borrow your pencil? (holding something in hand)
Woman: (saw his hand) Aaaaaak No!!! That is not pencil. That is my eyebrow pencil!!!

5. Underwear Festivity

    Ever wonder why I hanged so many undies after washing it? Dear, there is never too many underwear. Given the situation that we bleed once a month for a whole week and it was advised to change underwear twice a day.
2 bags full of underwear (Panties and Bras)

6. Water Resistance

    I don't like wasting water on weekend. So, my husband has to deal with the fact that I might shower only once a day and I would do it later on the evening, unless I have other occasion to go to.

7. The Time of The Month

   Recently, my husband trying to cope up with a screaming wife due to her excruciating pain during PMS. He is always panicked every time the menstrual cramp come knocking. He has been googling lots of information on how to ease up the pain or what to do to make it go away. He has lots of curiosity about how exactly it works. At one point, I have been lecturing him on the subject. He is so supporting. He doesn't mind going to the store to buy pain reliever, menstrual pad, and other female related needs. 

8. Durian Smells

    I love Durian. I ate a lot of durian since I was little. It is good that he likes durian. Otherwise, deal with it. I will eat durian as often as I want.
This is Love.

9. Sleeping Zone

    Fortunately, I sleep like a princess. Not too much unnecessary movement. But I have a tendency to kick-boxing anyone who tried to hug/cuddle me during sleep. (Ooops sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you this morning.)
source: freethoughtblogs.com

10. Drama

      Had a fight with mom? Expect drama!
      Had period or PMS? Expect drama!
      Feeling like shopping but no money? Expect drama!
      My fav guy got killed on the movie/series? Expect drama!

And that is why I love my husband for being able to get used to and stand by me despite all that.

Will update the post with Married Life: 10 Things I Have To Get Used To later. 

See ya,


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No More Bullying

I was a survivor of Bullying and I am proud that I survived it.

Unfortunately not a lot of people get a chance of redemption or live long enough to get through it. Unfortunately every day, there is always someone who died because of bullying.

Thus, I would like to share you my story and hopefully you would share me your stories too. We both can help each other and maybe help others (victim or bullies) to stop more bullying.

When I was in 3rd grade of Elementary School, I was bullied by all the girls in school. Some of them were active bullies and some other either passive bullies or passive bystanders. I was bullied for 3 years from 3rd grade to 5th grade.

There were a lot of things they did to me. Snatching my veil (I used to wear veil) and hanging it on the Flag pole) or throwing it to the well. Some other time (when teacher was not around), they would locked me up in a storage room full of cockroaches and rats. Stole my books or pens and broke it. So many other things that wasn't just physically painful but mostly emotionally painful.

Up to this day, my parents doesn't know about the tragedy. I never told them. Which I should. I just don't really see the point why I should right now. Since I am already okay. But I know I should have told my parents about what happened to me at school.

My teachers, either they genuinely didn't know or they intentionally ignored it. I know for a fact that some people thought what they saw was merely a children fight. They didn't realize that what they saw was bullying.

I made this slideshow below to share information about bullying. I used this slideshow in one of Britzone English Community class.

Hopefully this slide will help people to understand better what bullying is and then will be able to stop bullying. Naive? I can't stop hoping that there will be no more Bullying. Stop bullying!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

BritZone: Free English Community in Jakarta

Do you ever wish to increase your English language skill?
Would like to join a class but no budget?
Why not join Britzone for Free English Class?

Look no further, because in Jakarta we have Britzone; English Community that gives free class 3 times a week.

Originally organized by British Embasy (or so I heard) but has separate itself and become a community owned organization.

Britzone has class every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6.30pm to 8pm and Saturday at 11am to 1pm.
Make sure to check their Twitter or Facebook page first, they usually put information on the next class's theme or whether there will be class or not especially on holiday.

Facebook Page: Britzone English Club
Twitter: @BritzoneID
Class: Tusday & Wednesday at 6.30pm-8pm
           Saturday at 11am-1pm

Everyone in the class will have a chance to speak up or conduct a class once you are ready to speak in public. Thus it will increase your English speaking skill. Every tuesday, the theme usually involves around English grammar or known as B-Academy. Wednesday and Saturday class are free sharing/conduct session. Anyone with a specific set of skill and willing to share will be given a chance to share on those days.

Last month (Wednesday class), I gave presentation on the class about Bullying. As a survivor of bullying, I wish to share stories and listen to more stories about bullying. Hopefully by sharing this stories and information, we will be able to decrease the rate of bullying in our country. Let there be no more blood or tear shed because of this.

Video of Britzone
Do come to the class and get to know Britzone awesome people. Expand your horizon and increase your English Language skill. They will welcome you with love.

PS; Follow My Instagram; @park_suci

Monday, June 1, 2015

Movies You Should NOT Watch Alone

I love horror movies and thriller movies. But I am too scarred to watch it alone. Tho sometimes I would still watch it alone if none was present to accompany me. What I would do is minimizing the window and sometimes mute the sound when it get too scary.

These are my list of Horror/Thriller movies that I would not watch alone; (click on the title to find out more about the movies on this list)

1.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose

2.  Ringu Trilogy (Japanese) or The Ring

3. Ju-On Trilogy (Japanese)

4. Shutter

5. 30 Days of Night

6. The Conjuring

7. The Amityville Horror

8. Insidious 1 & 2

9. Evil Dead

10. 4bia 2008

This link will take you to video by WatchMojo or you can watch it here. They have compile their list of Movies You Should Not Watch Alone. Let me know what is on your list and I will be sure to Not watch it alone.

10 Movies You Should Not Watch ALONE