Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trip to Alabama, USA Part 1 (The Flight)

On 17th October 2014, I had to go to the airport early because I had a flight to catch. I went to the airport with taxi around 4.30am and reached airport around 5-ish in the morning. My flight was around 6.30am.

I am going to go to Alabama, USA. My first flight was All Nippon Airlines or known as ANA from CGK JKT to Narita. Then after 3 hours of layover I took United Airlines to Houston, Texas and another 3 hours layover in Houston then took a small flight to Huntsville, Alabama. The same goes for flights coming back to Indonesia later on early November.

That was me waiting for ANA to depart from Jakarta.
The stewardess added this sticker to my seat because I specially ordered Indian food through email for all my flights.

Satisfied with the in-flight entertainment

Got a seat next to window..yeay

This is actually Indian food, but they name it Hindu Meal because mostly those who ordered this is Hindu who doesn't eat beef or meat. I had to specially ordered the food because I am super picky when it comes to food. I don't eat dairy product and plain taste food. I prefer it to be rich taste and spicy. Thankfully it was free to order this from email.

Satisfied with my meal.

Touch down Narita with the sleepy looking face. Barely able to sleep on the plan thanks to 2 passengers behind me who kept gossiping loudly.
I was so happy to find USB plug in and Power outlet available almost everywhere in the Airport. I had to charge my phone.

 I saw Gundam in Narita and it reminds me of my college best friend who is a big fan of stuff like this. The picture next to it is the power outlet that you can use. It is available in most of the gates.

I didn't took much picture on United Airlines. I was too sleepy. Oddly I can't even sleep. Next to me, sitting a newlywed couple going on their Honeymoon to Miami. They are both Indonesians. So we got to chat a little bit in Indonesia.

In Narita, they had to do secondary inspection on me out of random order of numbers and I was the unlucky one. It doesn't take long tho and when I asked a lot of questions to do the Inspection lady..she was so confused as to why I seem to enjoy the inspection and so curios about all the process. Unfortunately her English was not so good. She couldn't answer most of my questions. The guy who had been checking me out was also getting secondary inspection. He was surprise that we both got it. He said usually being American, he never had to get such treatment. He was also surprised because I look so harmless. I told him "Oooh maybe they find me dangerous with all the pink stuff attach to my body!" I was wearing pink sweater, red pinkish polkadot pants, pink backpack, and super girly sling bag, listening to pink mp3 with pink cord and my nail polish is also pink. There you go, I am such a pink monster...raaaawr

Finally touch down in Houston and had to get Starbucks coffee. Super sleepy.

The plane that took me to Hunstville from Houston was super small. It is as small as (probably) Syahrini's private jet. There are only 3 seats on each line and there are 24 lines. I got 24C. They only have one stewardess on the plane. What a cute small plane.

Before we depart, the stewardess asked us on line 24 if we wouldn't mind exchanging our seat for family of 4 (with a baby and toddler). We didn't mind. So I got seat 19C instead. I sat next to a very nice middle aged man.

He helped me out with my carry on. We got to talk a lot about the book he was reading, about how he just move to Huntsville, how he used to live in Philippines, about the possibility of job for me in Huntsville, and so on.

It only took an hour and half and we arrived in Huntsville. A very nice young looking man who previously sat on line 24 offered to help showing me the bag carrousel, since they didn't put the number on it. But then I saw my boyfriend and his mom. I said bye to him immediately. Sorry man, I am taken. lol

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