Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick Review: Em Life Palette (Love Life)


I am back with another review. This one that I have promised you a while ago. I know I said I would wrote the review on early January but I got sick the past 2 weeks and his parents visiting from the States to meet my parents, love life has taken over. Right now, finally after 2 weeks of relentless coughing, I feel a lot better now.

So here I am, writing a review in between Tea Time break (in the office..sssttt)

I promise you that I have never used this EM Life Palette before I give you my review. I am pretty excited to finally make a review and finally I will be able to use it for daily needs or special occasion.

Here it is.. the Oh-SO-Gorgeous EM Life Palette (Love Life)

I love the packaging on how practice it is for me to pick any of my fav colors for a small compact size. The colors on this palette, some of them, I like it. But the rest, I would say my least favorite. Actually, I prefer the colors from the Beach Palette but I won't be able to use it as often for daily use.

I got a card contains information of each colors.
I haven't put a sticker above each palettes

under room light and no flash

under room light with flash
with stickers above each palettes

compact size (combination of each series)

 I could not get any good swatches due to lack of light. I will try to get it next time on a deeper review. For now, I am giving you my first and quick review of the palette.

1. The Gorgeous yet sleek packaging
2. Comes with free compact size
3. Easy to pluck in and out the colors if I wanna get it for my compact size
4. I like some of the colors (100% for the blush, 70% for the eyeshadow, 55% for the lip stain)
5. The shimmer colors on all of those shimmer ones are pretty normal and natural for daily looks.
6. Love the magnet pluck out thingy to help me remove the color blocks from the palette.
7. Decent 2 edges brush
8. Has better experience with this eyeshadow than the one I tried from Kanebo.
9. Easy to use and comes with lots of tutorial on YouTube.

1. The palette bowl color is white, so it is easily stained. (At least, it is easy remove the stain.)
2. I don't really care for some of the colors, especially for the lip stain.
3. The colors is not as opaque or as pigmented as I thought it will be.
4. Way too expensive for my range.

I think EM Cosmetics is a new brand and they are still experiencing glitch in some of their products. I fully understand it tho. I think EM hasn't reach its best potential yet. They definitely have good potential and I am still looking forward to their next best invention. I hope they haven't done experimenting on the colors and the quality of the products. I sincerely hope they will make a Life Palette 2.0 with better products quality, better consistency on the color's pigments and opaqueness.

Overall: 7.5
*) I still think this is a good product. Easy to use and practice. However, I still think they can do better with the quality of the products, at least this one (haven't tried other yet).
**) Do I think it is worth 75$? Maybe not quite there yet.
***) Will I repurchase? I might wanna try some other palettes like Beach Palette. But, and only if it is around 50$ or less. Unless, I really love this product so much (quality, colors, etc) then maybe I won't mind the 75$ price.


First time using it. Yeaaay. A very soft look for lips and eyes.
EM Love Life Palette
Tony Moly CC Cream
Maybelline Orange Eye Liner

Friday, January 24, 2014

First Visit: Japan Beauty Week

Hi all,

Did you know that Kawaii Beauty Japan hosted an event in Atrium Plaza Senayan? It is called Japan Beauty Week. You can try to look for it on their Facebook page. Kawaii Beauty Japan

My office located next to the event place. So, I went there during our Tea Time Break around 4pm. It was quite easy to spot the event. There were not too many people yet. I think it will be crowded on weekend. Make sure you go and check the event.

These are the counters in Japan Beauty Week:

While I was looking, there is this lady from Kanebo counter, she asked me if I want to get free make up done by their famous Japanese Make up artist. So, I thought why not. It was free anyway. I said yes and they introduced me to Mr.Sakai. He didn't talk much but he knew "ke atas, ke bawah" when he gave me order whether to look down or up while he was doing my eyes. We developed some kind of sign language because we both not knowing each other language. He used sign when he wanted me to close my eyes or to look at his chin (why look at his chin? just so he could look at my face on a straight position)

He was very kind and attentive. I gave him my choice of make up and he decided on Japanese Style look, a very subtle look. I guess he looked at my soft pink outfit and thought that I might prefer sweet and subtle look. he was kinda wrong. I mean this was my first chance having a professional make up artist to do my face. I was hoping more of a make over or a surprise look. I mean sweet and subtle is my go-to look. I did that almost every time.

The colors of the eyeshadow look pretty, but when he applied it on my eye lids, it wasn't very pigmented. He already used Lunasol Eye Primer too, but still almost couldn't see the colors. This was kinda disappointing. I guess it was because of my skin color. The effect might be different for someone with fair or lighter skin color. I have dark skin color. So, I need more pigmented color.

Here is the final look:

However, boyfriend said he really likes my look. It does look sweet and suitable to my sweater. So, I was kinda content with his work, not necessarily the products tho. I do like their eye mascara (I forgot to take a picture of it), their soft color lipgloss (it doesn't taste oily and sticky on the lips). I might decide to buy them later. So, make sure to visit Kanebo counter and check some of their stuffs too. It might be suitable for your skin color. You will get free sample if you try the make up look by Mr.Sakai. He was very nice and really good at what his job.,quite perfectionist I would say.

Went to second counter, I got free skin and hair check up in Kracie Hadabisei. The result said that i have perfectly healthy skin despite of the hair coloring. Yeaaaay. Tho...hiks the result also said that I have oily skin yet lack of moisture. Go ahead check your skin there and they will give you free sample too if you fill up their questionnaire.

 These are the samples I collected from the event. I got some from Kracie Hadabisei (2 masks and Shampoo Set) and I got Brightening Lotion from Kanebo. I am actually excited to use the one from Kanebo. After listening to the Kanebo lady in Sogo Counter, it really sound that this product is a good one. I will try to use it and we will see if it makes any change or not after a week of using.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the event while they are still there. Japan Beauty Week will still be in Plaza Senayan till this Sunday (26th January 2014). Maybe I will see you again there.


Suci Park

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Huge New Year Giveaway

Happy Thursday, happy people..

Let's join this huge giveaway from Kiki Caroline's blog sponsored by Glam Collection8.

Glam Collection8 seems like an awesome online shop that sells cool nail polishes with various brands like O.P.I, China Glaze, Cirque, NCLA, etc. How cool is that..sooo cool right?

Here is the link to join the giveaway... Go ahead and join it now before it's too late.


Good Luck my friends,

Suci Park

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December 2013 Haul..Biggest Haul

Huplaho ladadiduda..shalalala tarampum..
Happy happy happy..finally my biggest haul (& gifts) reached Indonesia with a very handsome courier hahaha.

The long awaiting products that I ordered from Amazon, Beautylish, and Em Cosmetics is finally here.

Sorry for the cartoon theme bed cover. Definitely not a good background for pictures. But I took the pictures last I can show (*brag about) it to you guys, my awesome readers..hehehe

These are the products I got, some of I bought it with my own money, the rest Giant bf bought it for me.

1. 24 Brushes by Salon Designs (have no idea how to use brushes or what kind of brushes for what purpose) 
2. Glam Glow Mud Mask (The infamous Hollywood style mud mask treatment yeaaay, Charlize Theron wait for 40$?
3. Glam Glow Mud Eye Treatment (No idea what it is, but the packaging looks really shiny) 35$
4. Em Life Palette and Compact Packaging (Yeaaaay the long awaiting EM product that has not ship internationally yet) 75$
5. Nail Art Tools (Has no idea how to use it, definitely impulsive buying) 10$
6. ELF Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer 6$

8. Anna Sui Make up Remover Pen 18$
9.Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser 7.99$
10. NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder 6$
11. ELF SPF 45 Sunscreen Powder (might or might not need it) 6$
12. ELF High Definition Powder (Photo Perfect Powder, maybe!?) 6$
13. ELF Eye Primer and Line Sealer (has no idea, another impulsive buy) 6.45$

14. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder 7$
15. NYX Cosmetic Eye Shadow Base (I bought 2, impulsive buy) 8$
16. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Lime 5$
17. NYX Cosmetic Concealer Wand Beige 6$

18. CellTo Note 3 Case: Pink and Blue Turquoise 10$ each
19. Santa's Christmas Sock ??$
20. Google T-shirt for dad 20$
21. Korean Air bag and Korean Won Pocket money inside the light blue bag Free$
22. Jelly Belly Candy Machine (Sugar Rush Addiction) 5.99$
23. Shimmer Chalks for Hair (Probably will never use it, impulsive buy) 8$

This is a surprise bonus for me, because I didn't know that I would get it. I do love Jelly Belly. It reminds me of Bertie Bott's Beans from Harry Potter.

I will do some quick review on those products pretty soon after finishing my CC Cream review post which I haven't start to write yet. I promise to do reviews soon. Let me know which products do you want me to review first? I will try my best to post the one you requested.

See you soon,

Suci Park

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Gyaaaaaaaaaaa Finally I got my Wonder Pore. This is the product that I have always want for past couple of months I saw a blogpost about it.

I asked boyfriend to buy me this in Incheon Airport on his way to Indonesia from America. He looked around for Etude House store but couldn't find it. I forgot the store was on Garuda Terminal, not in the main terminal. So he had to visit 3 Duty Free stores to find it.
Funny thing happened when he was looking for this stuff. He keep having trouble with the sales person since they barely speak English (weird they work in Airport with soooo many foreigners). He said 2 sales person in 2 previous stores hinted (his guess) that the Wonder Pore is solo popular that it is always sold out. So when boyfriend asked for it, they just said "No more pore, no more pore!". I guess maybe what they meant to say is that the Wonder Pore is sold out..hahaha same thing also happened when he asked for Cracked Nail Polish from Face Shop, the sales person just said "no more more nails" makes no sense at all.
Finally he found it on the 3rd store...pfffffuiiih. I am just so glad he did.

He bought me the biggest size of 500ml for price of 15$ almost the same price with Indonesian price for Wonder Pore 250ml.
See the comparison of how big it is with my hand.
I got one free Alphabet Mask "B-Bulgarian Rose" yeaaay

Here is how it looks like on the back and side cover of the packaging;

And here is what the lid of the bottle looks like;

push on the lid and the liquid will come out.

I put a short video on how to get the liquid out.  Here

The bottle is too big for me to use and according to the picture on the back cover of the packaging, it says I can use it as face mist too. So I took some of it out and put it on a pink bottle.

Hehe it looks so cute when it stands near the big bottle. I just used it once or twice. So I won't be able to make result review yet. But I will try to update it once I got the visible result. Btw, I also planning to try this product on my boyfriend's skin. He has orange skin pore because he used to have acnes. I would like to see if this product is as good as what people say even if the skin problem is more visible. I have pores but not as big. What annoys me the most is the tip of the nose area. It's clogged. I hope this product will make it better.

Hope you enjoy the quick product review. Follow me for update on the product result. I will try to review Face Shop: Face It CC Cream and Tony Moly: Luminous Aura CC Cream and the comparison of both products.

Stay Tune and Stay Healthy!

Suci Park

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year 2014 Beauty Resolution and Late Christmas Gifts

Hi there, beloved readers!!!

Happy New Year of 2014! Yuhuuuuuu!!!!
Have a great holiday? I hope you did.

I just got back 3 days ago to Jakarta after 8 days Overland trip to Bali-Bromo and boyfriend who has been away for 6 months also coming back 2 days ago.

He bought me some stuffs from Korea since his flight had to make a stop in Incheon. He had to stay overnight there and decided to buy me some stuffs that I have always wanted.

These are what he got for me;

1. Korean Snacks and Coffee
2. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner and Alphabet mask "B-Bulgarian Rose"
3. Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC Cream
4. Face Shop Face it Color Control CC Cream

I forgot to put other pictures of candy and snacks that he also bought from Korea. He bought Korean sambal/chili paste (Ssamjjang and Gochujang) for me. He has no idea what was it. I guess he thinks it was pudding or something. Silly guy.  Too bad he can't find Smart Digital BB Cream from Face Shop and Nail Polish too. He got this from Duty Free. They only sells the best seller stuff.

New Year Resolutions

I went to Bali for an 8 days Overland trip of Bali-Bromo. My skin color has become more tan now. I spent New Year party in Kuta Beach with so manyyyyy people. It is like people from all over the world came to celebrate New Year in Kuta and Seminyak area.

I was with my Indonesian, Argentinian, and Italian friends there. My 2 beautiful Argentinian friends taught me what they usually do for New Year tradition that will bring good luck. I think it is like a cleansing ceremony that involves people throwing water. They also taught me to say 'Cing" for a toast drink, like 'cheers'. My Italian friend, on the other hand, opened a bottle of wine right after the New Year and told us that it is better to drink wine on New Year. He taught us to wash our ears with Wine as a New Year tradition. It was soooo much fun.

Anyway, this New Year made me thinking. Do I have any resolution this year? I guess I do and some it involves Beauty life too. Here they are;
1. Write more blog posts
2. Learn more tricks to do make up
3. Be braver on using make up ( I am new on make up thingy, sometimes I am still too afraid of using make up)
4. Don't let others determine how you feel about yourself.
(I had some friends who seem to like commenting on people's body, especially my body parts. For example: I don't look nice in a picture because I look chubbier, or my arm looks too huge, my boobs looks shaggy, etc. Usually it always comes with 'nice' advice, like I should go to a gym and get my boobs&arms shape perfectly, or wearing clothes that will hide my horrible huge looking arms. I don't know if they mean well or maybe they did. But do they know that saying those things will just hurt the recipient? From that experience, I decided that when someone says all those horrible words to me. I will let them know that I don't like it. Hopefully they will understand. I mean we are woman with decent educational background why bother degrading ourselves by commenting on someone's body parts? Leave my body parts alone, thank you for your concern. Let me be happy with what I have. Sigh I got emotional again. I really dislike it when my friends commenting on my body parts. I love my friends but I hate what they said about my body parts. I have never ever comment about how fat her tummy looks or her face covered with acne, etc. Why? Because I know better than that and I don't know how the recipient will take it if I say those comments. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling by saying so. I have way too many concerns other than your body parts. Besides, I think all women are pretty when they have their own flaws. It makes us humanly pretty.)
So that were my Beauty Resolutions.

Do you have any Beauty Resolutions for 2014? If you have it, do share it with us. Maybe a new blogpost about your New Year Beauty Resolution and share it with your reader. Tag me or copy paste your link on the comment section, I will definitely check it out.

Happy New Year, Happy People.

Suci Park