Friday, October 3, 2014

Korean Cooking Lesson: Tteokbokki

On 2012, my first trip to Korea, I tried Ttokbokki in HongDae area. My office mate said that it was one of the best Tteokbokki selling place in Seoul. And I was not disappointed. It was indeed really delicious compare to the Tteokbokki I tried in Indonesia (Lotte, K-Mart, etc). That store even occasionally pops out in several drama series. I forgot which one. But it was so popular among the youngsters in HongDae area.

With my co-workers enjoying the night in HongDae

First Bite of Hong Dae Tteokbokki
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of my plate. Back then, taking picture of foods was not very popular things to do. Hahaha

Last month, a friend of mine from my old working place called me and told me that her boss (my ex boss) would like to invite me to come to the office on Saturday as he would cook Tteokbokki for all of us, his employees. Of course I had to say yes. Beside I miss my ex boss, he always treat me as if I am his daughter. He actually call himself my Korean Father. He told me to change my name from Park Su Ci to Kim Su Ci instead, because I am his daughter and his family name is Kim.

I went to the office and played around with my co-workers while waiting for him to come with all the food ingredients and his portable stove. He always bring that stove on his car. He likes cooking for his favorite people, employees, students, etc.

These are some pictures from the cooking lesson.
Mr.Kim Cooking Lesson: Tteokbokki

Park Su Ci taking over while Mr.Kim and the rest of the girls making Kimbap in the Kitchen

Father and Daughter

He is doing the seasoning. Tteok to his left side, Odeng and veggies on his right.
Almost finish.

Spicy yet delicious and It reminds me of Seoul's cold winter night in HongDae when I tried that Tteokbokki

He made this bonus Kimbap too. Super yummy with Tteokbokki.
And now I am craving for some spicy Tteokbokki. I wrote this post because yesterday in the office, our chef cooked us Tteokbokki. It made me miss this authentic korean made Tteokbokki.

In case, you wanna try Tteokbokki in Jakarta. You can find it in Lotte Mart. Also in K-Mart which is located near South Jakarta Police Office. Good luck and enjoy your Tteokbokki.