Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Presents for my Awesome Boyfriend

Hulla..Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holiday!!

I just uploaded several videos on Youtube dedicated to my boyfriend. Since he is away from me, I decided to do an event (digitalized event) for him. I can't be around him to celebrate but I can still send out my love for him. Cheesy right? I know it is. We are the lovey-dovey couple.

Anyway, just in case you wanna see the video,.here they are..hehehe I am bragging a little bit about my happy love life. If it is too much, feel free to click on the close bar. Have a wonderful day.

 Enjoy the videos!!!


Suci Park

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unboxing: Beauty Treats Indonesia (December Box)

Hi there,

I am really sleepy. I am typing with half eye close. It is almost 12pm and soon it will be midnight. I am sleepy but I owe it to you all to make this post.

I just got my first ever and probably last box of Beauty Treats Indonesia. Result? Disappointed, of course. Like before with their Crabtree&Evelyn event. Seems like BTI hasn't win my like for anything yet. So, I won't continue my subscription. But, if you like the products, and you think it is all good enough..then it is up to you to do whatsoever you deem fit.

Before I said anything about the box and my opinion about it. Let me share you the pictures of the unboxing process.

 I kinda like the blue color box. it looks so pretty. I should say this is the part that I like the most.


 1. Secret Key Snow White Cream (Sample 2ml)
2. Secret Kiss Let Me Know CC Cream (Sample 2ml)
3. Secret Key Dragon Blood Essence (Sample 2ml)
4. Makarizo Nutriv Serum (1 ampule)
5. Lavie Lash (Real size)
6. Enrico Coveri EDT for Her and Him (Sample 3ml)

Too many samples on one box. I am disappointed because I was hoping that this box will be Christmas related or Holiday related box. But it really doesn't feel like holiday to me. I wish they would put things that is actually useful in a better size. I think samples should be count as free. How petty!

I mean how fun it would be to get bigger size products that worth a money that we spent for. Samples are suppose to be free. I mean it is so easy to get samples. Samples everywhere is free. Why would they count this in. And they put 2 Crabtree&Evelyn booklets. I am still not very pond of them. I went to their event paying 100k rupiah and BTI claimed that the event will give me a goodie bag worth 300k. Turned out we could only get the goodie bag if we spent money buying product.

I pointed it out the store manager that they didn't put Term&Condition Apply on the poster. So, the goodie bag should be for everyone who paid the money. Then they finally gave us the goodie bag. The kind of bag that you will get for shopping in food store, the Saving the Earth kinda bag, and 3 small samples of Crabtree&Evelyn. That was a joke. Those things 'goodie bag' that worth 300k.. yeah right!!

Anyway, result of my box today.......jreeeeng jreng jreng more BTI. Unless they improve themselves first and stop treating customer as if we are dumb. 300k goodie #straightfaceandtypelol

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Vlog: Beginner Vlogger, Night Make up Routine


I am excited to let you know that finally I muster my courage to upload this first video of me reviewing/commenting/telling on Beauty Products or Beauty Routine.

But I have to remind you, I was really nervous on my first video and I messed up al the grammars. It was like complete gibberish. However, I still want to put myself more out there. This is definitely a beginner video. I haven't even figure it out on how to create better video. This video that I upload was not going to any editing process. I want to be honest to the viewer that I am indeed posting my first video. I promise I will keep learning to make better quality video and better way of delivering speech on Beauty Products.

This video is about my night routine. I will post it on other blog post for detail review of the products I used on the video. I hope you will like my video despite of the lack of professionally in my part.
Night Cosmetic Routine

Have a great day, Chikas!

Suci Park

Monday, December 16, 2013

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or her Twitter id; @lilithofbalkan

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Quick Review of Package from Korea

Hi there,

I felt like it has been a while I haven't show up with new post. Eventho days ago I already post something. I just feel like I miss you all. So, i am posting a quick review of a package that just arrive in the office.

I bought the stuffs from Qoo10. It took a month or more till the package arrived safely on my desk. Here they are;
 Dew Lite Eyes : Tear Liner, Luxury Gold
Clubpartra: Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner, Shine Blue
Prestige: Crème D'Escargot (3 samples)

 This is how it looks from behind

I took the stuffs out from the packaging.

The swap result on my skin. The gel liner (Shine Blue) need several times of applying till I got those colors there (2 or 3 times). As for the Tear Liner (Luxury Gold), it doesn't really looks like gold color to me. The liquid is very lumpy, so the line that i make is different each time I tried to apply it. You either can get good color within one swap or you need more swaps.

1. Love the packaging
2. Unknown brand (which means not many people using it)
3. Mildly like the shine blue color

1. Unknown brand (has not been tested whether good or not, since not many people has using it)
2. The gel liner seems like easy to break pencil
3. Seems like it is gonna be hard for me to sharpen the pencil
4. I don't really like the color of the Tear Liner
5. The Tear Liner is very lumpy. Make it harder to apply it on the skin.

I am not gonna repurchase it.

I will collect the samples for now. No intention of using it yet.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Liebster Award and What is it?

Horeeee I got nominated to get Liebster Award. I got so excited this morning when I read a blog comment that someone nominated me for this award. So, I thought what kind of award is this? I decided to research more for this award. So here is what I found;

Liebster award is a kind of like chain mail. There won't be any team celebrating your winning, no team giving you the award or no gift what so ever. Definitely no strings attach. It is a fake award created to get more traffic ( I suppose, or any other reason). Here is a link for more thorough research on Liebster Award Liebster Origin.

There are so many rules and it keep changing all the time, someone said you have to nominate 11 blogger with less than 200 follower, some other said to nominate 5 blogger with less than 3000 readers. The one that I got is to nominate 11 blogger with less than 200 follower and answer 11+make 11 question for those you nominated. It does require a little bit extra work. But no harm in trying. This Liebster Award might not be genuine but It might help new blogger or less famous blogger to get more traffic and to be recognized by readers.

So, it is all up to you to join or not. I decided to join with positive thinking. It doesn't matter whether I am winning a fake award or not..but I agree that we should be able to nominate those cool bloggers that deserve more readers. So these are my fav 11 blogger. Follow them and enjoy reading their post;

1. Michaella Neyssa
2. Pinastika
3. Sherly Stephanie
4. Girl's Mind
5. Stella Lee
6. Princess Pink
7. Ishtar Summer
8. Rosemarie Queen
9. Lady Bee's Hive
10. Love Ellen Tan
11.  Hazeldazel

These are my list of fav bloggers with less than 200 followers but I think they are cool and awesome blogger that deserves more follower and reader.

Here is the 11 Question I got from Michaella.
1. Apa brand make up kesukaan kamu? (What is my Fav Make up Brand?)
That would be Face Shop and Caring Colours

2. Sebutkan 5 alat make up andalan kamu. Alasannya? (My 5 fav make up stuff and reason)
Lipstick (instant change), Eye Brow (I am brow less), Powder (Oil skin, duh!), Body Lotion (Moisture my skin), Eye Liner (Exotic look or popping eyes)

3. Apa yang lebih kamu suka, makan atau belanja? (What I prefer the most Shopping or Eating?)
Both. Girls can't live without shopping nor eating.

4. Bagaimana kondisi kulit kamu saat ini? (My skin condition)
Combination skin with oily on the T-Zone part. These days might be a bit drier.

5. Skincare apa yang kamu pakai saat ini? (Skincare that I am using)
Hadalabo and planning to change it to something else because it gives me zits.

6. Kamu tersesat di hutan, 5 benda apa yang akan kamu bawa? (5 choosen thing if i am lost in a forest)
Flash Light, Bottle, Blanket, Bread, Chocolate (Only important things)

7. Bagian tubuh mana yang paling kamu sukai? Alasannya? (My fav part of my body)
Boobs. Why? Hmmm I am attention seeker and these two are my weapons.

8. Kamu tidak bisa meninggalkan rumah tanpa .... (Can't leave the house without)

9. Apa alasan kamu membuat blog? (Reason for blogging)
Hobby and exploring new things

10. Darimana sumber inspirasi terbesarmu? (My source of inspiration)
Not people, but movies. Plenty of them. Too many to mention.

11. Apa resolusi kamu di tahun 2014? (Resolution for 2014)
Better career, better life, better person.

It is all up to you to receive the award and join the chain post or not. But nothing harm in spreading a goodwill for those blogger sista that deserves more readers. This December, Let's create an awesome thank you post for all those blogger who has been working so hard providing us information on Beauty products. May all the good things happen to us all. 

If so happen you want to join, here is the rule;
1. Post a logo of Liebster Award on your post
2. Mention your 11 fav bloggers
3. Answer 11 question from a person that nominates you
4. Ask those who you nominated 11 other questions that you made

My 11 Questions;
1. What is your blog name/link?
2. What is your fav lipstick brand?
3. Who is your idol?
4. What you like the most; chocolate or milk?
5. Where did you see yourself in 3 years from now?
6. Is Blogging fun?
7. What is your first blog post?
8. How many blog do you have?
9. What you love about make up?
10. When did you start applying make up?
11. What brand of make up will you recommend to other people?

Feel free to follow me or the other bloggers. Let's spread positivity to end this year with awesome result.

Happy December, Merry Christmas, Happy Year End, Happy 2013!!!

Suci Park

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IBB Make Up Challenge December 2013

Hiyaaa Beauties,

Gyaaaaa Beauties...This is my first make up challenge after joining a Beauty world a month ago. Aaaaaah my hand is shaking with excitement. In analogy, I am like a newborn baby trying to walk..I hope I won't fall and bump a table ;-p

Please, be nice to me commenter. I am new at this. But I really hope you will like my look for this challenge.
The theme that I choose is "The Gold Beauty".

Here is a picture before putting on some makeup.

 I added some line using lip liner first to make it easier shaping the mask.

These are the almost finish to finish look.

Finally with a messy hair look for a finish.

I am wearing tank top in the last 2 pictures but my hair makes it look like I am almost topless hihihi..

I am not sure if I am gonna win the MUC. But I had a good time trying this make winning is not my goal. Learning and process of doing were achievement as baby step for me, a newborn Beauty Blogger. I hope you like this look and feel inspired to create your own look.

If you are interested in joining MUC and getting the awesome price from D'Eyeko, you may find the link here in; Indonesian Beauty Blogger, Make Up Challenge, IBB MUC

You will find out how to do the challenge in the link above. I hope you will have as much fun as I did.

Cherios Chikas,

Suci Park

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Announcement: Winners for My First Giveaway (Awesome Monthversary Giveaway)

Hi Beauties,

How is your weekdays start?

Have you been waiting for the announcement of who win my Awesome Giveaway? I know you do..hehehe

So here it is, I will announce you who win the giveaway.

There are 5 people who win the giveaway. But due to high demand on certain same chosen gift, I will decide who win what stuff. There will be stuffs that are originally not in my giveaway. It will be a surprise gift for the winner. I hope you will like it. Please don't be upset if you didn't win your chosen gift. I will, of course, host another better giveaway in the future. Thank you for visiting and joining my giveaway. Make sure you always check or better yet follow my blog so you will be the first to know product that I review. Most of the products will probably Korean products (since I often visit Korea) or American/Western products (thanks to Giant/my Bf who always willing buying me toys from his country).

5 Winners;

1. Ery Wicaksana
2. Dewi Aprilia
3. Erna Wijaya
4. Dian Maharani
5. Dwi Puspita Nurmalinda

If by any chance you are the winner. Please send me your address through my Facebook inbox. If you are not my Facebook friends yet. Check the link,

I will try to send all the gifts to your address as soon as possible. I will contact you further more. Congratulation you just win Park Suci's Monthversary Awesome Giveaway. Hope you have a great week.

Enjoy Chikas,

Suci Park