Monday, October 27, 2014

Trip to Alabama: Day 2 (Thrift Shopping)

On my 2nd day of my trip to USA, boyfriend wanted to introduce me to Thrift Shopping experience. I already googled a lot about Thrifting before. So, for those who doesn't know what is 'thrifting' and 'thrift store', you can also try google for it. I think 'thrift store' is a place where people sell 2nd handed stuff for charity or other for other purposes. It is probably similar to Pasar Gedebage in Bandung. Tho, I think right now Pasar Gedebage has become more overprice because of all the ads.

Bf took me to the biggest Thrift Store in Huntsville, Thrift mart. In a shopping centre close to Dollar Tree and Indian Food Restaurant and snack. I didn't realize about the Indian restaurant until my 3rd day here. It will be for another blog post.

I was super ecstatic inside the Thrift Mart. It is a huge store. Unfortunately I only have less than an hour or so, because we are on our way to Maker Shop (Bf's place to hangout with all his nerdy mates). 

However, during that 45 minutes, I managed to buy plenty stuffs. I was very satisfied with my thrift findings.

Things I bought:

Baby clothes for my new nephew and toddler clothes for my cousin

 Skirt, cute top, short jeans all for me

 And oh the boots is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

All those stuffs that I bought might cost me around $150 or 1.700.000 rupiah if it is new. But all this only cost me $35 or 400.000 rupiah or so.

Of course, you need to clean everything up/wash it clean before you wear it. But, I don't mind second handed stuffs if they look nice and not so out of date style. I am very happy with the boots and the flare skirt.

We went to Korean restaurant named Garam on our way to Maker Shop. It was such a let down. The decoration is way too western for Korean Restaurant, already lost touch of it's indigenous interesting culture and tradition. We ordered Dosot Bibbimbbap. Also a let down, it looked like a home cooked bibbimbbap, instead of a restaurant cooked meal. Usually Korean has a knacks for detail. They make sure to pick the best of the ingredients, precise cuts on the vegetables, and artistic food arrangement. This one, it was a 'meh'. Indonesia has a lot more and a better professional Korean Restaurants.

I asked one Korean lady from the Zumba class in Huntsville, if there is any good Korean restaurant in Huntsville. She said there is no such thing like that. They don't have a high standard Korean restaurant here. Too bad. I love decent Korean food.

After a huge disappointment, we went to Maker shop to meet his friends during the Retro Gaming Night. It was fun even for me 'a muggle' on a 'nerd world'. I got to play some of the games and had a small competition with Bf. I won the first round, but he won the 2nd round which resulted on me getting a piggy back and him getting a back massage. Well it was a win-win.