Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Trip to Korea (Part 2)

If you haven't read the first part of this trip, here is the link.

As I told you on my previous post, I was there for a week on business purpose. I wouldn't to worry so much about my trip. When we arrived in Incheon, my boss already there waiting for us. We took bus from the airport. I vaguely remember we had to pay around 150.000 in rupiah or 15.000 Korean Won for the fare. The bus was neat and clean. Right next to the front door of the bus, there is an empty square place guarded with pole for us to keep our luggage there. The seat it self remind me a seat on Executive Train Argobromo or Cirebon Express. They even have a cup holder on the seat. So, I could put my warm chocolate there. I had to get warm chocolate in the airport because it was really really freezing cold. It was early march but still amazingly cold. No more vile of snow but still freezing cold especially for our Indonesian (summer all year around) skin.
Cup Holder

My 'ex' boss

A view on the street to our apartment.
There were 3 teams from overseas branch that come for the training. 3 to 4 new employees on each branch and they assigned us to our own apartment. My boss being Korean didn't need to stay in the apartment. So it was only the 3 of us (girls) in a 2 bedroom apartment. I got a twin bed room with another Indonesian girl. The bedroom was pretty big and so the bed too.

It was a lot nicer than Sheraton Bandara in Jakarta. We had to stay a night there due to delayed departure. Me and D (initial for the other Indonesian girl) got our own room. But when I opened the door to my room, the light is somehow already on, even when i hadn't put the card on the card holder and turned on the lamp. It was chill there and we just had a bad feeling. So, me and D decided to share a room. And her room was also creepy.
 Did you see how creepy it is, right? One other lady that we talked too during the waiting period (due to the delay) said that something happened to her last night. Like she felt certain present on her room. She didn't get to sleep at all because she wanted to protect her little daughter.

The flight experience was really nice. We sat next to a really fine looking Korean man with American accent and a nice tattoo on his bulging arm. But he didn't want us to disturb him. So he moved to another seat. Jeez..what a snob. 
This is a water faucet in Incheon. You get to drink from a tap water there.

D just finished changing her outfit to winter clothes right before we went out to get the airport bus.
 2nd day of our trip, right after work. Me, D, and a girl from vietnam branch decided to go for a midnight shopping in Dongdaemun area.
Waiting for Jiachol/subway train in our station (the closest one to our apartment is Seodaemun St)
Inside the train
We watched Cooking Nanta first

 On our 3rd day, we went to Hongdae area after I requested to our seniors because I really wanna see the merry night life in Hongdae.

Looked at me all

HongDae most famous Tteokpokki shop. Suppppper Delicious.

bite bite bite..nyum nyum nyum

With our senior co-workers who wanted to be called 'oppa' hahaha
4th Day: After work, our president of the company suggested all of us to go to Namsan Tower. So, off we went to Namsan Tower with 3 company cars. It was a beautiful place. I finally able to see the infamous love lock place where you can chain a lock that has a written of your undying love message to the one you love there. A jumbo vile of love message on a wall from all lovers around the world. It was a romantic place to visit. Unfortunately I went there with co-workers and bosses instead of with the love of my life (which i didn't have).
Had to take a picture in front of Jakarta's window in Namsan tower.
On 5th Day of our trip, we went to see the River Stream or also know as Cheon GyeCheon. Unfortunately it was raining. So we only spent a little bit time there and decided to go to Dotta Mall instead.

Finally met Eonni again. On 2009 we met in Indonesia when I was still in college.
In front of the office and the last day of the training
We went for dinner and karaoke with the whole team on our last night there.
Last dinner with the whole team.

Karaoke Night is about to start.

Hanging out in the Vietnam branch's apartment on our last night and sharing our local snacks that we brought along from our country. I brought Durian candies. Vietnam girls brought their famous dried fruit varieties.
 These days, when I think about those days when i was working in that Korean center and the training days, I really miss my friends even my bosses. They treated us nicely. I really like it there. I wish there would be another chance to meet all of my friends again someday whether it is in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, or Korea. I learned a lot during the training and during my time working in the Center. It helps me grow as a person and as a professional too. I won't be here where I am without any of that. I am grateful and thankful everyday for all the things that I have experienced along the way.