Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Challenge: Spicy Food

Who loves spicy food? I do I do I do
I loooove spicy food. I am pretty proud with my spicy food endurance level. Most Asians have a better endurance level. However, my husband who is half Asian and half white has weak endurance level against spicy food. 

So I have been force feeding him with spicy food little by little to increase his endurance level. I am proud to say he is a lot better than he used to be. 

Once in a while, I would challenge myself to a new spicy dish. Either Ramen with various level of spiciness, cassava chips from certain brand that also comes in levels, fire ramyeon, etc.

Fire Ramyeon

cup Fire Ramyeon
Our recent challenge was Fire Ramyeon from Korea. There are 2 types of packages; cup and the usual one. The cup one is slightly spicier than the usual one. So make sure to try the cup one if you wanna see how much you can endure the spiciness. 

I am sorry for the bad quality of our video. I am not a professional vlogger. I put this on video so my friends can see it, especially my co-workers who have asked me to do this.

Nasi Goreng Mafia

Our second challenge was spicy Nasi Goreng Mafia's food. I ordered Nasgor Berandal level 1 for him and Nasgor Preman level 2 for me. This time I didn't take video of it. As none has requested yet. 

In total, Nasi Goreng Mafia has 5 different level of spiciness from level 1 the least spicy to level 5 the most spicy.
Nasi Goreng Mafia's Menu
Nasgor Berandal Level 1
 After trying a few spoons of this nasi goreng, husband had to run to nearby store to buy yoghurt and milk. As you know dairy product is the best one to soothe down the burnt from spicy food. When he got back, he brought 3 yoghurts and pack of cheese (fake cheese that he usually hates but he said it is crucial for this fight). 
Getting ready with 3 bottles of yoghurt
 To my amusement, he kept continue eating the nasi goreng until half of the portion. I thought he already gave up after the first couple of bites. I have counted every bite of nasi goreng, he would jug a couple swallow of yoghurt. He seems suffering from all the burnt. 
A gift for all his effort
To celebrate his own achievement on eating spicy food. He made himself egg sandwich with fake cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard. He ate it all with the remaining yoghurts. 

On a side note, Nasi Goreng Mafia is pretty spicy even if it was just level 1 or 2. I could not imagine those who would eat level 4 or 5. I have tried only until level 3. 

Tell us what should we try next for our next challenge?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dream Wedding

Girls, how many of us has been dreaming about dream wedding ever since we were kids? Plenty, I bet. Tho some girls dreaming about changing the world instead or some others dreaming bit of both.

I had my dream wedding since I was really small. It keeps changing from time to time depends on what I was into that year. I dreamt of wedding on the beach..white canopy set on a beautiful white sand beach with blue and white flower for decorations, a Santorini feels set.Then I dreamt of wedding in a small backyard garden at night with dim lights decorating the setting and creamy white canopy for the wedding stage and decoration was mostly dominant green, light and dark brown, and off white color. A rustique and antique looking set. At other time, but this is a rare occasion and my least favorite dream, a wedding in big ballroom.

Andien and Ippe's Wedding

Andien, a famous singer in Indonesia has always been famous for her classy style on her outfit. Turned out it was not for her outfit only. She also has particular yet dreamy and classy style for her wedding too. She was one of few lucky people who get to experience and make their dream wedding come true.

Some of this pictures of their wedding is coming from thebridedept.com website. You can check the website for more pictures of wedding related theme.
Setting in Pine Forest Camp, Lembang
Wedding vow
The lucky bride and groom
After Party
These pictures bellow is from alodita.com Make sure to check her blog too. She is an aspiring Indonesian beauty and lifestyle blogger.
Snacks Station
Another snacks station

Andre and Stella's Wedding

Andre is my husband cousin. He just got married to a very bright beautiful Stella. Husband and I got invited to their wedding in Uluwatu, Bali. Pictures from this wedding are my own collection. Check my instagram id: Suci_park for more pictures on the wedding.

They had their wedding in a beautiful near cliff location in Uluwatu. A perfect spot to catch some sunset too. Everyone suddenly turned into sorta professional wannabe Instragramer including me. Can't help it, everything was just so perfect and beautiful.
preparing for the ceremony
celebrating the ceremony
Congratulating the bride and the groom
watching sunset while waiting for dinner to start
Rundown and Song lyric
Wedding Ceremony
menu and gift box
Dinner Party
Unfortunately our flight was for really early in the morning, so we could not join the after party. So there is no picture for the after party. I think it was probably in our hotel's bar.

Let me know what is your favorite one and what kind of dream wedding you want?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Event Report: Anna Sui Romantica

A couple days ago, Anna Sui has launched its next perfume, Romantica. Was name Romantica inspired for Anna Sui's childhood which was never far from flowers. She said she has always been romantic at heart. Probably we can already see that from her trademark. Flower, butterfly, warm golden, fiery red, sweet purple, etc are a clear deterrent on how romantic she is that she carries it out on her products.

The launching was hosted in Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia. In their small yet cute private lounge accommodating 20-30 people. The Decoration for the event was neat and pretty. Everything looks romantic as it should be to perfectly capture the essence of this perfume.

Anna Sui once said 'If fairytales were made of flowers, they would smell like Romantica'.

It is said that in the ingredients, one of the spice they used to create the scent is Indonesian sandalwood. It is not the first time  Anna Sui's perfume has used Indonesian spices on their ingredients. Our country has always been rich in spices. For some reasons, I have that sense of proud when i smell the scent of this perfume. Call me romantic, but knowing that I might live this country to move to another country, this sort of things makes me going mellow. Maybe this perfume will remind me of home once I live outside of the country.

They sprayed the perfume on my flower corset, sooo romantic, reminds me of Prom Party

Scent Review;

cold fresh sweet instead of warm sweetAt first, i smell a hint of guava..but the more i pay close attention it is actually a scent of pomegranate blend nicely with the flowery scent. On my opinion the scent of pomegranate and other spices are over powering the scent of the flowers. 

One thing that I like the most about Anna Sui's launch event, they make us feel special and it feels more of a Soiree where they will teach you some neat tricks. Last Anna Sui's launching event, they taught us to create flower tiara. This time they taught us how to create flower decoration on a cupcake, just like it looks on the picture above.

These are some of the pictures from the event;

Central is celebrating its birthday. There is promo 20% discount for Romantica if you buy it in Central GI only until 11 Oct 2015. Go grab the deal asap!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Songs That Inspire Me to Travel

Songs That Inspired Me to Travel

I have posted an article about Movies that inspired me to travel, Here.
Now, it is time for me to post about particular songs from some movies that also spark my interest for traveling. I would like to share these songs with you guys. Hopefully you will like it and get inspired from it.

1. Yunhi Chala Chal Rahi (Swades)

2. Khwabon Ke Parindey (Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara)

3. Hum Jo Chalne Laga (Jab We Meet)

4. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhaana (Andaaz)

5. Ilahi (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

6. Oh Gujariya (Queen)

7. Taake Jhanke (Queen)

8. Manhattan (English Vinglish)

9. Aahista Aahista (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Movies That Inspired Me to Travel

Movies That Inspired Me to Quit My Job and Travel

I recently and officially quit the job to travel. Nope, it was not to travel around the world. Tho it is what I would very much like to do. The reason is because I am moving to America to be with my husband and his family. In the mean time while waiting for Green card, I would like to travel as much as I can or as much as my money can afford it.

I have been craving to travel around the world since I was little. There are several countries I would really like to visit and there are other that I would visit but only if I have to. There are also other countries which is not even on my list to visit (mostly dangerous war zone country).

My thirst for traveling mostly inspired from movies, songs, and books that I encountered. These are the list of movies that inspired me to travels.

1. Queen

source: desiglobetrotter.com
IMDB Rating: 8.5
Queen is a story about a shy Indian girl from a well respected family who got left at the altar. This is about her story finding herself, her happiness, and courage to live on through a series of event she experienced during her backpack trip around Europe.

2. Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara

IMDB Rating: 8.1
This is a movie about friendship. 3 guys from different background who used to be best friend, but somehow life throw them apart. In a last effort to reconcile, one of the guy who is soon to be married invite the 2 other guys on a journey as his bachelor party trip. The only requirement is each one of them get to choose one activity and the rest should do it without complaining. A beautiful movie about friendship, traveling to Europe with beautiful scenery, and yes good looking man with yummy abs is present as eye candy.

3. English Vinglish

IMDB Rating: 7.9
English Vinglish is a great movie. I have watched more than twice now. A shy and conservative Indian lady who barely speak English has to go to US for a wedding of her niece by herself before her family to help with the preparation. Scared to go since she barely speak english, she nervously joined an English class for foreigner in New York. The trip that was originally scary get her to understand more about things surrounding her and help her get the respect she deserves.

4. Finding Fanny

IMDB Rating: 5.9
A group of misfit get together for their own purposes but mainly to help an old guy found his long lost love. A group that was not your ordinary group, get together in a long road trip in search of love while portraying the beauty of Goa and South India. What else do you need?

5. Swades

IMDB Rating: 8.3
Shahrukh Khan played as US based Rocket Scientist trying to get US Citizenship. While waiting for the process, he went back to India to bring his last remnant of India which is his old nanny. However, on his trip to his homeland that he barely recognize, he found love in a beautiful woman who teaches kids in the village. His journey to India, his road trip to the village areas, made him realize how beautiful India is. Portraying the beauty of North India's village, this movie will capture your heart and tickle your thirst for traveling.

6. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

IMDB Rating: 8.3 (should be rated 10/10)
I am sure you all know about this movie. If you haven't watched this movie. I seriously question your life choices. Seriously, defcon 5, need to watch this movie. Believe it or not, this movie has been running in the cinema since 1995-2014 (probably still up to now).
A romantic story about a young man (Shahrukh) went for a Euro Trip with a group of his friend and accidentally encounter a young girl (Kajol) who was also doing Euro Trip with her friends. The key of this movie is Euro Trip, Beautiful and magnificent India, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Really, do watch this movie!!!!