Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anna Sui Perfume Launching Event

16th October, a day before I had to go to the States, I went to Anna Sui Perfume Launching Event. It was a very fancy looking perfume and EDT. They launched 2 types of perfume, the black one and the gold one. They both looking gorgeous.

Who would have thought that a carefree Bohemian could also look stunningly gorgeous, luxurious, and classy. They nailed it. I was actually wasn't convince that Bohemian carefree spirit can come out as classy style too. But I am glad I was proven wrong.

1. Anna Sui La Nuit De Bohème EDT (Eau De Toilette) Gold
La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Toilette – A wonderful, magical miracle of the night.

It smells like a fresh start. A smell that will remind you of fresh scented flower and morning dews. The flowery scented morning buds of summer fading away and welcoming the autumn. Cold and warm in the same time. Very girly and definitely suit my taste. I love this kind of romantic scented perfume or EDT. It suits my character very well. And for your information, I am not even a Bohemian. My character is a girly, sweet, ambitious girl. To think that I have high ambition, the black one might suited me better. But, I came from countryside, the smell of this EDT just reminds me a lot of my hometown. It brings back a lot of good memories when I was a kid and playing in rice fields, waterfall, flower gardens, etc.

2. Anna Sui La Nuit De Bohème EDP (Eau De Parfum) Black
La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Parfum – Dep, mysterious, and magnetic.

Like I told you before, this perfume also suits the ambitious side of me. Still have a little hint of subtle carefree and mysterious sexiness too. It is suitable for night out with girls, a flirtatious adventure with a very good looking stranger, a sexy weekend after a long hard week, a naughty role playing side of you, and many more enchanting events.

This black series also contains a little bit of the rare 'black rose'. I was impressed. I know how rare is black rose and I have never ever laid eyes on it too. The smell of strong sexiness was come out as the result of all these ingredients. 

If you are interested in these 2 perfume, you can get it available in Metro Department Store for these prices:

Prices :

Ana Sui La Nuit De Boheme 75ml :Rp. 975.00,- 
Ana Sui La Nuit De Boheme 50ml :Rp. 760.00,- 
Ana Sui La Nuit De Boheme 30ml :Rp. 55.00,- 

Some pictures from the launching event.
In the process of creating Flower Head

Had a big flower head made with the help of the flower arrangement guy.

The big flower head

smelling sample


Gold and Black Beauty

A man getting a card reading.

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