Thursday, October 9, 2014

Indian Festivities on My Plate

Last Sunday I went to Hotel Kempinski Indonesia with a fellow blogger. We were curious with their Indian Food Festival as a celebration of Diwali. As a big fan of everything India, of course I had to check it out before going to Grand Indonesia to watch 'Khoobsurat', a new Bollywood movie played by the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor and delicious looking Fawad Khan.

Hotel Kempinski Indonesia celebrating Diwali by having "Colours of India" event that will be held till 17th October. They invited their best Indian food chef directly from India. We were so excited to try the food cooked by Mr.Ashwani Kumar Singh.

Signatures Restaurant, a doorway to Heavenly Indian Food

Me and their 'Colours of India" sign board

Welcomed by colorful spices promising the goodness of Indian delicacy

The chef arranging, garnishing, giving last touch to his food arts.
 While we were eating, we had the chance to enjoy a performance from Bollywood Dancers. They actually did a quite good job dancing to Bollywood tune. I remember they danced to ost from Student of The Year and Main Tera Hero. Yup, I know. I am a crazy Bollywood fan. I would recognize Bollywood songs easily.

This is the video I took from their performance.

Rampuri Murgh Briyani, Jheenga Kali Mirih,Gunchao Gobhi Mutter, Dum Ka Khumb
I tried a lot of Indian foods in Indonesia that many of my Indian friends claimed to be authentic and I am glad to say that this deliver the same quality to me. Absolutely love everything on my plate. It mixed very well altogether. All sorts of tastes and spices on one plate like the Indian festive culture itself.

I had to get another plate of the same thing. Once was not enough when the food is that good. This time I added some chutney and pickles too. And it actually gives different, interesting, and profoundly delicious mixed. The chicken on the biryani wasn't really absorbing the spices from the biryani as I would like it to be, but I was not disappointed when I combined the chicken, biryani, and the chutney. I can't remember how many times I go hmmmm...yummmm...wooow. Yup, just like a movie, this food makes "My Dill Goes Hmmm"
Hehe I took another biryani there, a smaller size, but again I couldn't get offer how delicious the biryani was. I also add a little bit of Aloo Chana Chat there, next to my biryani. Oooh the Naan bread absolutely the right consistency of butter. It is so chewy and not dry at all. When I said about Indian Festivities on My Plate, I was specifically talking about this plate. The soury sweet combination of butter naan bread and pineapple and mango chutney, the salty spicy combination of butter naan bread, aloo chana, dum ka khumb, and the gobhi (cauli flower) mutter, and another combination of biryani and pickles as if I had breakfast, lunch, dinner on the same plate, very festive indeed. My least favorite thing from the plate would probably be the dahi, as I prefer dal.
Aside from all the Indian foods, I also adore Kempinski's dessert section. It looks absolutely gorgeous and very inviting.

I was in heaven. Look at my plate!!

Overall, I was happy and very satisfied with my experience there. I would definitely come again.