Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Waxing Experience (Half Leg and Brazilian Wax)

One of my best friends has been pestering me about going to a Wax Parlour for 2 years. She told me how nice it made her feel after getting it waxed.

Finally yesterday I mustered up my courage and decided to go to one of those wax parlours in Jakarta. I chose to go to Pink Parlour as I already had their pamflet and it says they were nominated for some awards including 'The Best Painless Brazilian Wax'.

I wasn't planning to write a blog about it originally. So I didn't take decent pictures for the place.

Some of the pictures are taken from @pinkparlourid Instagram. Follow them to find out if they have a discount or deal.

I tried their half leg service first as it was my first experience with waxing. I need more time to prepare myself before the ultimate waxing job.

They used a blue hot gel (not sure what it was) and a clean strip. I assume it was sugar wax. It didn't feel hurt as much as I thought it would be. It felt like a zolt of electricity but a very tiny one. No biggies really.
Right for Pink Hard Wax and Left for Blue Gel Wax

You can see I took the wax like a champion. Not so hurt that I can still get some selfie :-p

Finishing..just clean up
One thing I love the most about my first experience is that they made the room very comfy and clean. Also I was pretty lucky because the mbak/beautician who worked on my waxing was really really nice and fun. She answered all my questions and worries about this treatment. She also explained everything and she was pretty talkactive that it distracted me from the pain. Her name is Mbak Yeni and if I go there again, I will definitely ask for her again.

She managed to convince me to get the Brazilian wax. We started with bikini wax in case it was too painful for me. But apparently the award was not a lie at all. It was indeed painless experience. I would not say it is not painful at all, but it wasn't so bad. It felt like a zolt of electricity again..slightly bigger than the one on my legs but not too bad at all.

The Pink Hard Wax they used for Brazilian Wax.
 This hot hard wax is proven to give you less painfull experience for Brazilian Wax. It has a strong grip but not too strong like sugar wax. Slightly feel warm down there but you will get used to it immediately. I am more surprised and startled each time than hurt.

Happy I managed to face my fear of waxing.
@pinkparlourid discount for January 2015 only

@pinkparlourid all the wax treatment type

@pinkparlourid all types of Brazilian or Bikini Wax
I would say I am very happy with my first waxing experience.

Also they have this amazing stamp promotion, for every 10k you spent there and you will get 1 stamp that you can redeem for any of the treatments.

They also have a package deal like pay 4 and get 1 or 4+1 which means you can pay 4 treatments in advance and each month you can cash it in for that specific treatment that you paid for and on the 5th month you will get it for free that is if you are a frequent waxer. It will save a lot of money on the long run.

You can find Pink Parlour in Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, and Lippo Mall Kemang.

Good luck ladies!!! ♡♡♡