Monday, April 28, 2014

JimBARan Outdoor Lounge: Grand Opening Night

JimBARan 4 days before the launching

  • Address: Intercontinental Jakarta Mid Plaza Hotel. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
    Phone:+62 21 2510888
  • Jakartan will be very happy to know that there is a new hotspot to hangout with a new unique concept located in the heart of Jakarta or known as the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, Sudirman area.

    Intercontinental Jakarta Mid Plaza Hotel or known internationally as Intercontinental Hotel and locally as Mid Plaza Hotel, finally launched their new bar with a unique concept. They merged a bar/lounge with an essence of Indonesian culture on their design. It is not just any bar, it is more like an outdoor lounge where you can gaze at the stars or Jakarta lights. The lightning surrounding the area made to look romantic and comfortable for the eyes. The sounds of dripping water merge beautifully with the music.

    Prior to the event, they sent me an invitation by mail with the cutest form of invitation. I adore the design so much that It will definitely stay in my table as a room decor. I didn't expect the invitation to be this gorgeous yet adorable. I am a sucker for everything cute. They definitely know how to capture their audience. When I got the invitation card, I know the event would be an awesome one. And I was right!
    Catrina, their friendly PR, told me that I can bring a +1. So I came with Dewi (I met her from an online gathering community once, and we have been friends for almost 2 years now). We were so surprise with how packed it was around 6.30pm. Usually the party would not start that early unless it is a really cool place. We saw the line for the seafood was so long. We decided to stroll for other tasty sweet tapas collection. 
    I am a big fan of Churros. So happy to find it there.
    The Wine was so light and smells nice. It has a little hint of sweetness on the smell and the taste. I love the taste. Too bad I forgot to ask the name for this wine.

    We also tried their Photo-box section. The photographer was impatient, we didn't get to practice our best pose. Both of us were not happy with how it came out.

    We decided to get back to Seafood section. We had to stay on the long line for a while. But it was super worth it. Their main chef cooked it himself on the outdoor area. It was amazing to see the master worked on his art. I forgot to take video/picture. We were too amaze with the foods. We both fell in love with the mushroom tapas and their fish delicacies. Super Lezato!!

     I ordered this sweet and delightful "Red Revenge" from their free flow cocktail bar. Surely a very pretty and pleasant-tasting beverage. I was quite content. Not too long, I met my friend that I met previously in Peeta Planet Blogger Gathering, Tasha. She introduced us to 2 of her friends. We had a quick chat. I told her she won a price but she was not coming to the stage so they had to choose another winner. Unfortunately, I won nothing that night. But the night it self already very rewarding experience for me. I suggested my 3 gorgeous  friends to try JimBARan's "Red Revenge".  I hope that would make Tasha less disappointed about not claiming her winning prize.

    Before I went home, Aileen and Catrina reminded me that they have goody bag for us. There are what I got on the bad; A picture frame that looks like on of JimBARan's Bamboo decoration and a voucher worth 35% discount.

    Oh, you can also check my friend, Tasha's blog for another story of the event in this link;

    Friday, April 25, 2014

    Scary People

    People can be downright mean and scary.

    I thought I would be more afraid of vampire, ghost, werewolf, etc. But since those creatures are not proven to be exist yet, I would say people scares me the most. Maybe not all people. But some people can be really scary. I wasn't talking about serial killers, rapist, sociopaths, psychos, etc. For that, we already know they terrified us even on the series/movies that we watch. What scares me in daily basis is people who has their way with words but didn't use it cautiously or wisely.

    Like today, I accidentally stumble upon facebook page for a discussion on religion and atheism. I would not fall into judgement which party is the better party. I would simply point out what I observe from the page. It breaks me heart what I saw there. How people bashing each other beliefs and dis-beliefs. People start dragging about bad things that happens throughout the history or make a harsh judgement toward the people that they interact with. And they lost the bigger picture. They lost the point of being human.

    NB(non believer) trying to make a point that religion or anything religious is a myth by bashing the religion itself and by pointing out how crazy/stupid/idiot the believers for believe in it. The believer trying to point out that religion is saving human kind and teach us to be a nicer people. But then they will say that NB is stupid for not believing or accuse them of being an anomaly. NB will say that people choose to be nice, religion has nothing to do with it. From that discussion, I assume that the similarity is about being nice and both party wants the be nice people either by choice or abiding to their religion. Then how come those lost in translation? Did they know when they start yelling, screaming, calling names, they already lost the part of being nice?

    I am a humanist. I believe in human kind and act of caring toward human being and/or other living being. I believe that human is the most advantageous living being on the Planet Earth (not sure about other planet, hasn't had the time to check yet). So, let's take advantage of it. We can discuss things with kind and smart words. We can choose words nicely, wisely, and smartly. There is no needs for violence or rage to come in between. Some people might still use the offensive method, but we can prove it to ourselves and to others that we are better than that. Peace is a beautiful thing.

    I have religion/belief myself, I respect non-believers, and other religions/beliefs too. I respect people. But do I respect you? Yes if you are worth of it. I respect people who choose to be nice and did try to be nice. A long the way I might made mistake, I might be angry and use my rage to attack someone. Who hasn't right?  We call it 'human error' because human does make mistake. But the benefit of being creatures with smarter brain is that we get to learn from that experience.

    I am writing all this to and for myself. I want to remind myself not to partake, join, involve in any bullying whether with words or physical bullying. I have been bullied once. I will not voluntarily involve and bully my fellow human kind. If by any chance this message also gets into you. I hope you could channel it into positive way.

    That's all I got to say for now. You will hear again from me. Have a great weekend, happy people!

    Suci Park

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Criminal Minds : What Criminal has in mind?

    Have you seen a TV series called Criminal Minds? Info

    It is a series that started from 2005-now. They have up to season 9 now. I have been watching it back to back on my TV. Then this year 2014 April, I decided to watch it from Season 1-9. Right now I am on Season 4.

    Sometimes there are really good episodes that show consistency and sometimes I found several glitch on its character or the story line.

    I don't remember all of it even if I want to share it with you.

    Something is bugging me tho. I haven't watch the entire season 4 or seasons after that. I do notice that Aaron Hotchner is lack of emotion and sometimes he shows no remorse.

    That would be interesting if Aaron turned out to be one of the best serial killer ever or he could be someone who has that desire to kill like all the serial killers, but he manages not to do so by joining the forces. It could be why he choose his (what seems to appear like a solidarity to his co-workers/teams) line of work. He might enjoy it as much as the killers enjoying the killing. He might live off the killings through all the cases he works on.

    But that was just my 2cents of opinion. He might prove me wrong in the next episode or season.

    Anyway, I would like to know which character you like the most? Mine would be Derek Morgan. What about you?

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    Social Travel 101 with Peeta Planet

    Hi guys,

    I am glad to tell you that I was being invited by the coolest Social Travel show ever, Peeta Planet, to their small get together in Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta. They were visiting Jakarta for their finale for Season 2 of Peeta Planet trip. I guess saving the best for the last, huh? ;-p
    Spoiler: Peyman visiting Coffeewar in Jakarta

    I was surprised that they would invite me, because I rarely wrote my blog nor do I have a lot of followers on my social media. Turned out they also invited Jakarta cool people, I guess I was one of them then. (Shut up, let me have this moment!) Yes, I am a cool Jakartan.

    Anyway, Mohammad and Peyman introducing us to a new cool way of traveling which is 'Social Travel' in the event. I have a lot of curiosity. I am not sure what 'Social Travel' means, not even sure it was a fun way to travel. But after a while, I learned that 'Social Travel' might be a best way to travel. I mean being a tourist is boring right? Following the group leader here and there, visiting same places with all other tourists and they were everywhere. You can't even enjoy the awesome place you want to visit because tourist were everywhere. So, why not try a new way of traveling. Don't be a tourist, Be a Social Traveler!

    Oooops I haven't told you what 'Social Travel' is? Well, it is about time you should know. Social Travel (in my understanding) is a way to travel while connecting yourself to the locals. You will find place to stay, to visit, and what to do by asking locals recommendation. Why I think it is nice? Well, for a long time, traveling has become a way out of our regular boring life (boring job, boring school, or whatever it is that you want to get away from for a while) and a way to satisfy your curiosity of the outside world. But, would it more satisfying to travel through the eyes of the locals? They know the best place, they know the best food, they know the history, that's what makes it interesting. We get to connect with random people with various background. We open up to stranger and we might learn so much for them. That's just screaming 'Awesome' in my ear. I got to do this someday, very soon I hope.

    Now that you know about Social Travel, did you know Peeta Planet? I am sure you did, but if you don't know them yet, you should totally check them out. They have a really cool Travel show on Dubai Television. Here is the link to their website and YouTube page; and YouTube Peeta Planet

    I accidentally find out about them when I was looking for video about Seoul on YouTube. They were filming about Seoul through the locals eyes. I have been to Seoul before and I love it so much. I was so glad that they didn't just show us a tourist destination, they took it to the next level. They visited a startup small time company too. I was so immersed when they were doing fabric painting scene. The only time I saw that was on Arirang culture related show. To actually see it in travel show is something new for me. Refreshing, don't you think?

    Are they boring? Definitely not boring at all. They have good sense of humor. Muhammad and Peyman are brothers, not just fraternity brothers. They will find a way to tease each other and they do it quite often. It was adorable. They are also the most down to earth person I have ever met. Always smiling, polite, and nice. Who would not like those combination? I also love their outfits. Somehow they manage to pull it out in a very manly way.

    Sometimes, when you watch something on TV or YouTube, you feel disconnected with the MC. But Peeta Boys will not make you feel like that at all. They are super friendly, super warm to people, and pretty cheap in giving away smiles. All Peeta Planet crews were very friendly and down to earth personality. I adore them so much for this good quality traits. That's what makes them the best at social travel show, they know how to connect with people.

    So guys, if you are not hooked yet by what I said about Social Travel. You should definitely check out their videos on their YouTube channel or their website. They will show you how fun it is to do Social Travel instead of being your regular tourist self.

    I wish they would do an episode in India, or a lot of episodes, I won't mind. I wanna know how they will show India from their point of view. I am sure it will be great. It will be a great intro for me and a  way to encourage me to finally visit India, a place that I always feel longing to go (not just to meet Shahrukh Khan, I promise).

    Enjoy your weekend, Happy People! Stay Safe, Stay Awesome!

    Suci Park

    PS; Picture of Tapas Collections from Intercontinental Jakarta who hosted the event. Drooling time...slluuuurp!