Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trip to Alabama; Day 1

After 30 hours of flight from Jakarta to Narita to Houston (Texas) and arrived in Huntsville (Alabama), I got to meet my LDR boyfriend and his family. I arrived there around midnight time, so I didn't get to chat a lot with his family that first night. I went to sleep immediately eventho thanks to Jetlag, I can only sleep till around 3a.m and stay awake the rest of the night.

the room I slept in
On my first day there, his mom invited a lot of people to come to the house on lunch time. She wanted to introduce me to everyone, so I won't feel lonely next time I move there for good. I think they really wanted me to move there. They tried so hard to make me feel comfortable there. it was very nice of them.

Right before lunch time, I took several pictures outside of the house because it was a very bright day, despite the cold weather.

Happy face

First Selfie in America

The shy selfie mode

Windy Morning
I met with their nice neighbor, super friendly. He said he was also invited to the lunch gathering later on the afternoon with his partner. 

They both came to the house for lunch with a lot of other people from the neighborhood, and mom's friend from the Fitness Center.
They were all nice and so kind. They all welcomed me. Some of them were actually bringing gifts specially for me. An Ethiopian lady brought me a red rose bouquet, she is so lovely. The neighbor guy's partner brought me 2 travel size pouches with travel size make up stuffs from American Eagle brand, his place of work.

There were plenty of foods in the house that day, from American foods to Indonesian foods. The most popular one that day was the gado-gado (salad with peanut sauce, Indonesian style) and emping (Indonesian Melinjo cracker). Glad a lot of people here also appreciate Indonesian food.

I was surprised to actually find Indonesian foods all the way there in US. His mom, being Indonesian, might be the ultimate cause of

The only think that I was somehow suddenly craving for is bakso (Indonesian Meatball soup), since it was pretty cold that day. I could totally imagine hot spicy bakso. I am still craving bakso up till now. There is no way babang/mamang bakso will pass through the neighborhood with his food cart. 

1. I love taking pictures
2. Everyone is super nice
3. We have Indonesian foods in America
4. I got jetlag
5. I miss bakso
6. Autumn is pretty cold for my equator skin.
Helping out with the Gado-Gado