Monday, January 4, 2016

Marriage: Our Silliest Fights

In 2 months, we are gonna have our wedding anniversary, early March. It will be our first wedding anniversary. Before that, since 2015 is just over. I would like to reflects on it and share some wisdoms.

We had a couple fights but since we are still at the honeymoon stage, mostly they were not serious fights, some of it were actually pretty silly. Let me share the stories with you guys;

1. Husband's Smelly Fart

I have talked about this on my previous post about Things I have to get used to after marriage. His silence yet deadly fart was starting to become a treat in our relationship. Fortunately He doesn't fart as often as me, however that occasionally silence yet deadly fart is hazardous. When he caught in the act, he would just grinned and resume to his activity without feeling guilty. I would probably stormed out of the room, not because I was too upset, I just need to breath cleaner air.

2. Toys R Us vs Toys Kingdom

Lately we have been looking for puzzle and other adult board games. We have been going to Kinokuniya, Periplus, etc looking for jigsaw puzzle and board games. So we decided to check Toys store adjacent to Grand Indonesia's Ace Hardware. Husband said the name is Toys R us and I said Toys Kingdom. We were arguing and the signs says Toys Kingdom. Husband still think it was suppose to be Toys R Us but somehow they changed the name. We had to ask the staff about the name and I was right. So, I won a bet of 50k rupiah. I am too cheap. Sigh.
source: Kontan

3. Where to Eat tonight?

We both are a big Zomato fans
This is probably happens to everyone in relationship. This is some of our silly dialogs;
Me: Where do you want to eat?
Husband: Up to you.
Me: Don't say that. You make it sound like it is always up to me and I didn't give you any option to choose. I always bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...
Husband: Okay..okay. What about Hacienda?
Me: Hmmm don't feel like eating Mexican food tonight.
Husband: What about that Italian place in Kuningan? (-_-")
Me: Hmmmm Italian ya? You know I can only it aglio oglio there. Mostly cheesy and I am lactose intolerant.
Husband: Okay where to then? (-_-") (-_-")
Me: I don't know. You tell me. You get to pick option now.
Husband: What about Indonesian food? (This time should be safe!)
Me: What Indonesian food tho? Padang, Manado, Sundanese, Javanese, Madura, Balinese, etc?
Husband: Padang? (Grrrrr...)
Me: We ate Padang food this morning.
Husband: Manado? (slightly pressing his chest)
Me: Another spicy food after Padang?
Husband: You know what, I am doing fasting today!!!
Me: (Grrrrrrr......) Okay okay we will go eat at Korean restaurant in Senopati ya.
Husband: Okay.

4. Changing My Mind

On the Taxi otw to Korean restaurant;
Me: Actually you know what let's go back to our place, I feel like Indian food from the restaurant near our place.
Husband (Face palm)
Fortunately he is well prepared for all the occasion where I changed my mind immediately.

5. Aqua vs Amidis

Have you heard of Coinage?
For example in Indonesia; Naming all brands of noodles as Sarimi, all brands of tooth paste as Odol. It also happens with mineral water, people tend to call it Aqua but really it refers to lots of brand. Like when you go to restaurant or cafe and orderd for Aqua and instead you got Ades or Nestle.
This really grinds my gear at least for the last one. I am a big fan of Aqua like particular brand of Aqua. And husband is in charge of replenish our mineral water stock on the fridge. Once in a while I would remind him to buy Aqua. But couple days ago he came back with Amidis. So we had argument and for 2 days I keep complaining about how it taste funny while making 'yikes it is gross' face. Finally we run out of that Amidis he bought and he said he had enough of me complaining about Amidis. There won't be any Amidis for us in the future. So, Goodbye Amidis.

6. Husband: Where is my Sarung?

source: Idolabolanews
Sarung or sarong made from fabric batik that can be used as blanket too. Husband got his sarung from my dad. And he loves his sarung so much. Because it was from his father in law when my dad finally accepted him as his son prior to the wedding. Usually he put his sarung in the bottom of the closet. Lately I might have re-arrange the position and he flipped out when he could not find his sarung. I had to call my mom in case we left it there, also I had to ask the lady that does our laundry. All of us look for the magically hidden sarung. After a week of searching for the sarung, finally he found it on the bottom closet behind the matt.

7. Grammar Nazi

source; reshareit
Okay here is the thing, I am not a Native English Speaker. I did take English Literature as my major in university. So, I would say my English was not that bad. I am pretty confident about it. But there are things here and there that I am not so good at. For example the used of idioms, proverbs, filler words, complex grammar, etc. Also the biggest flaw is that I have sundanese tongue which means 'f , p , and v' are basically similar 'p' and we don't have 'sh' , 'ee', 'oo' on our character.
I would say things like;
I. 'Honey we should wash the bed sheet' but sounded like 'Honey we should wash the bed shit.' He had the best laugh on this one.
II. 'Aa is this por me?'
III. 'I want to read Panity Pair.'
I have no problem him fixing ( 'pixing' lol ) my grammar, but when he did while I was upset that was like pouring alcohol into a burning fire.

8. Husband's Uniqlo's Shirt

source: Uniqlo
For a week, husband hasn't seen his favorite Uniqlo's Shirt. He asked me for the shirt whereabout. He asssumes the laundry lady might has it.
We live in sort of studio apartment (kosan..ciye gaya bener ngakunya apartemen) and there are at least 4-5 doors on our floor. He saw Uniqlo shirt hanging on someone's door. The laundry lady usually hangs the clothes on our door. He took the shirt. I insisted it was not his. I clearly remembered that I haven't give it to the laundry lady this week. It has to be somewhere in the closet. We had argument whether or not it was his.
Then I met our neighbor who were complaining to the lady about his missing shirt. Turned out my husband might have 'steal' someone else's Uniqlo's Shirt. I found his at the bottom drawer and we immediately returned the original shirt to its rightful owner. Oooops sorry!!!
9. W'Dank vs Wedang
his fav brand
Recently, husband declares himself as 'Sundanese' after finding out that he loves a lot of Sundanese foods like combro, wedang jahe, bajigur, oncom, tahu sumedang/kuningan/sindangkerta, sambel oncom, nasi tutug oncom, etc. On a trip to Bandung which has become his favorite culinary destination, he has been crazy about bajigur, wedang jahe, and sekoteng.
Before going back to Jakarta, afraid of missing out on his favorite beverages, he went out to look for instant version of wedang, bajigur, etc.
When I asked him what did he buy, he said he bought double yu dank. I was like what the h*** is double yu dank? And he showed me the picture. We were arguing on how to read the brand name. Clearly it is wedang, but the brand trying to be more up to date by writing it in a more popular 'Americanize' name. To this day he still call it double yu dank. I gave up.