Friday, November 29, 2013

Things I Bought Online

Hi All,

Did you know that this friday in the States is a Black Friday. Yes Black Friday. It means a holly day for all shopaholic like me out there. Boyfriend going crazy choosing which new laptop he should buy. He explains me all the specs he wants/needs on his new laptop (like he knew I would understand any of it..he is the nerd Anyway, he found what he want. Him going shopping may or may no be the reason why I go online and buying stuff on Amazon. Nobody going shopping without me. You do it, me do it. hahaha Beware girls, I might the most racun/poisonous blogger. I did buying toys (makeup stuffs) a lot.

I thought since today is a Black Friday, I might get cheaper price. I was wrong (why? because I didn't buy from the Black Friday promo). I know it was stupid move. Sue me, I already swipe my credit card. Sigh. I have plenty of bill to pay on my next salary.

Anyway, I like to justify my action. So here I am telling you all those things that I just bought online whether I need it or not. Trust me girl, You don't want to buy anything online if it involves converting your money to dollar. Because dollar rates is sooooo high recently. It is $1 = Rp.12.000. This is the highest rate since 2009. So instead of saving money for Black Friday stuffs, I bought regular price stuff when it was the worst exchange rate. Dumb move!!! That is why I hope these list of products will justify my dumb move if all of those products are a worth to buy products.

These 6 products cost me Rp.415.500. Because I paid using Indonesia CC, so the rate was automatically change to rupiah. This is the free shipping products that will arrive in Alabama on 12 December. Still enough time before 4th January when he comes back to Indonesia.

Here is the other one that is not a free shipping product. It will arrive on 4th December.

Sorry these pictures is a screenshot from my cart. 

I was wondering if you guys do the same thing like I did? Is there any shopaholic sister out there? I am trying to reach out for help

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Have a great weekend, Beauties.

Suci Park