Monday, November 4, 2013

Cheap Trick for Halloween Party: Halloween Costume, Halloween Make up

Hi Girls, I know Halloween just passed and this post might be too late. But hey Halloween comes every year and this advice or tricks came for my own experience. it will be great to share it with you :-)

On Saturday night I was invited to The Haunted Castle hosted by Homeground and Negev Restaurant. However, 2 days prior to the party me and the girls didn't know what to wear and we were too broke to rent costume just for one day use..not too mention that costume has been wore by who knows how many and who knows how dirty it is gonna be. So, we almost decided not to go. But, we had this idea to just be pretty and wear anything from our own closet then paint our face using face paint. You know face paint that usually used by sports supporter when they coloring their face with flags pattern. But worry not, the brand that we are using is safe and it is has been known for its organic contain and easy to clean afterward.

Here is the face paint (Sorry I covered up the brand and now I forgot where did I put the brand poster);

I got it from Gramedia Semanggi Plaza. it should be easy to get it. It costs me around 100k and I split it with 2 of my girls. So, the only money we spent on make up (aside for our own make up collection) was only around 35k each (3$/person). Hahaha super cheap. But worry not my dear..we still look good with cheap paint too..hehe

This is my face before all the paint. I used this following make up for this look;
1. Make Up Forever Primer
2. Caring Colours Luminizing Compact Make Up
3. Caring Colours Happy Eyeshadow: 08 Amuse Me (purple color on my eyelids and a smear of off white color on my eye's edges)
4. PAC Eyeliner and Caring Colours Eye Brow

We found a neat trick on Youtube on how to make a scar with tissue. There are plenty of scar making videos in Youtube but most of them use wax and it cost 200k for a wax scar kit. So we decided to do the tissue thing. Here is the link for your reference;
Halloween make up tutorial
I choose freshly made scar look. So I appeared to be a ghost of a pretty girl unknowingly dead and has scar on her face and blood tears from her eyes.

And these is a collage pict of finishing touch including some pictures from the party. So Who told you that you have to spend lots of money to look good when you can be pretty with affordable price!! Enjoy Chikas!


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