Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beachy Holidays, Tips and Tricks (Plus Win a trip to Guspan Island)

Hi Beauties,

In the mood for a holiday? I know I do. In this post I would like to share tips and tricks I learned on my own or I got from any other sources on how to stay awesome on your holiday.

1. To Protect your Shiny Healthy Hair under the sun and after playing with sea water
Tips no.1, I got from a friend of mine who works in Bella Magazine as an editor. She was kind enough to share her secret of having that shiny healthy look hair despite of her always running around like a bay watch model in beaches that she visits almost twice a month. Her tips was that always use a bit of Sunsilk Leave On before and after playing in the water.  As you might already know, (I heard it from my hair therapist) that the salt water is quite dangerous to your hair. He never explain why, I just believe him and I am just glad that a friend of mine told me this trick on a trip to Pari Island last time.

2. Protect Your Skin from a Skin Cancer
Always, always, and always use a sunblock because both UVA and UVB can be a cause of skin cancer and wrinkles. Pick one that is best for you. Any brand will do. What you have to pay attention to is the level of your chosen sunblock (SPF 30, 40, 45+, or 50). The higher the better, tho for me SPF 30 or 40 will do the job. To be honest, I haven't choose mine. I usually just use anything I can get in drugstore.

3. Shimmery Lotion for your Shimmery Looking Legs
Wethere or not you are wearing bikini, but I like to expose some of me less hairy legs out under the sun while enjoying the scenery of the beach. Recently I found quite a number of Body lotions which has shimmery effect. For now, I am using a Bodyshop product.

There goes my ritual on my beachy holidays. I wrote this article also to let you know about this awesome competition run by the coolest travel agent in town, Expat Travel. Visit their Facebook here;
Expat Travel

They have this competition to win a trip to Guspan Island, a private island locates in 1000 islands. All you have to is just to spread the words about Expat Travel and follow their Facebook page. Here is a picture of Guspan Island and how cool it is to spend vacation with them.

I have been to 2 trips with them and I had a lot of fun. Try these beauty tips on your trip to Guspan Island with Expat Travel.

Enjoy Chikas,

Suci Park