Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Announcement: Winners for My First Giveaway (Awesome Monthversary Giveaway)

Hi Beauties,

How is your weekdays start?

Have you been waiting for the announcement of who win my Awesome Giveaway? I know you do..hehehe

So here it is, I will announce you who win the giveaway.

There are 5 people who win the giveaway. But due to high demand on certain same chosen gift, I will decide who win what stuff. There will be stuffs that are originally not in my giveaway. It will be a surprise gift for the winner. I hope you will like it. Please don't be upset if you didn't win your chosen gift. I will, of course, host another better giveaway in the future. Thank you for visiting and joining my giveaway. Make sure you always check or better yet follow my blog so you will be the first to know product that I review. Most of the products will probably Korean products (since I often visit Korea) or American/Western products (thanks to Giant/my Bf who always willing buying me toys from his country).

5 Winners;

1. Ery Wicaksana
2. Dewi Aprilia
3. Erna Wijaya
4. Dian Maharani
5. Dwi Puspita Nurmalinda

If by any chance you are the winner. Please send me your address through my Facebook inbox. If you are not my Facebook friends yet. Check the link, https://www.facebook.com/cie.area

I will try to send all the gifts to your address as soon as possible. I will contact you further more. Congratulation you just win Park Suci's Monthversary Awesome Giveaway. Hope you have a great week.

Enjoy Chikas,

Suci Park