Monday, November 4, 2013

Boyfriend unboxing my EM Life Palette

Hi Girls,

Let me introduce you to the best boyfriend of the year 2013. He is my boyfriend. He is American and live there tho he visits Indonesia 2 or 3 times a year to visit me. Let's just call him Giant for now.

I told the Giant that I have been looking at Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan (You know the beauty vlogger from Youtube) and that I am in love with her Life Palette. I belief you will love it as much as I do if you check their website over here;

The Life Pallate cost 75$ but unfortunately there is no international shipping just yet. In fact, her NY first store is not open yet. Here is how it looks, btw I want the Love Life Palette. I want all of them but this Love one is my priority.

Then Giant being that caring boyfriend, he wanted to buy it for me. And he did. he just told me 2 days ago that the shipping has finally reached home. I really really want to unbox it myself. But he had to unbox it there, since it will be too bulky and too big for him to bring in his luggage when he comes to Indonesia on January 2014 to visit me.

So I asked him to take pictures of all the unboxing process. These are the pictures.

Sorry I can only go this far. I told him not to open the pink one and leave the fun to me when he hand it over on January. Can't wait to give you review of the products. I am sure and I can feel it already that I am gonna love it. 

Btw, Em gave me a letter of gratitude for buying its cute is it..feels more personal. Wait for my review and November is going to be a giveaway month. There are several items that I got for free but not using it. 

These are my list for November Giveaways;
1. Christian Sirianno Black Boots size 5 (American size)
2. Zebra Pattern Heels size 37
3. ehhhmmmm I forget all the list. I promise I will write another blogpost dedicated to the giveaways. Stay Tuned.

Thank you for reading this. See you again later, girls.


Suci Park