Sunday, November 10, 2013

Khiel's Feel The Power in Seibu, Grand Indonesia

Hi Y'all...

Have a great time on your weekend? I hope you do. I decided to stay in today since I already made unnecessary expenses for the past couple of days.So, I thought I would just write a blog about yesterday experience to Khiel's in Seibu Grand Indonesia.

I am sure you know Khiel's latest program "Feel The Power". Here is the picture.
Basically what you have to do is visit their website, like their facebook and vote for their lab design as a part of their charity program. You can visit them in this link;
Facebook Kiehls Indonesia
 However, this program will end this 15th November. So, I went to Khiel's to redeem my coupon number there yesterday right after I watched Carrie, a new movie of Chloe Moretz.

There was only one guy in Khiel's. He checked my skin with a cute test paper. He found out that I have no problem with my skin nor I need an anti aging. He said my skin is still perfectly fine and I have nothing to worry about. I just have to keep a good maintenance and take care of it. He gave me 3 samples, 1 for each sample of toner, cleanser, and rescuer. Then I asked him nicely to give me 2 sachets for each samples. He was nice to give me 2 samples for cleanser and toner. Too bad they were run out of rescuer.

I have never tried Khiel's before. But going there and get a good welcoming attitude, I gotta say I would consider to buy next time. I will try the sample first but so far it is all look quite promising that I might going back to buy their stuff.

These are the samples that I got yesterday;
Have you redeem your coupon too? If you haven't, do it soon before 15th November by visiting Khiel's store in Seibu Grand Indonesia or Lotte Avenue. I tried Khiel's store in Plaza Senayan, but I just found out that this promotion only works for those 2 stores I mentioned above.

Enjoy your weekend ladies and/or my awesome readers!

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