Monday, June 1, 2015

Movies You Should NOT Watch Alone

I love horror movies and thriller movies. But I am too scarred to watch it alone. Tho sometimes I would still watch it alone if none was present to accompany me. What I would do is minimizing the window and sometimes mute the sound when it get too scary.

These are my list of Horror/Thriller movies that I would not watch alone; (click on the title to find out more about the movies on this list)

1.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose

2.  Ringu Trilogy (Japanese) or The Ring

3. Ju-On Trilogy (Japanese)

4. Shutter

5. 30 Days of Night

6. The Conjuring

7. The Amityville Horror

8. Insidious 1 & 2

9. Evil Dead

10. 4bia 2008

This link will take you to video by WatchMojo or you can watch it here. They have compile their list of Movies You Should Not Watch Alone. Let me know what is on your list and I will be sure to Not watch it alone.

10 Movies You Should Not Watch ALONE