Saturday, June 20, 2015

Korea: Tips for Transportation Around Seoul

Dearest friends,

Korea has become such a hype place for tourist destination nowadays. It attracts mostly girls, thanks to their infamous Myeongdong Cosmetic

But it is such a shame if you guys are not interested in Korea. They have so many things to offer. One biggest reason to visit Korea is their rich culture and culinary. Seriously Korean food might be one of the best in the world. Korean has always been known as detail oriented community. You can see their precise detail on their culinary and architecture.

For a newcomer to Korea, especially Seoul. I would like to share our experience how to save money for transportation in Seoul based on what you guys need and how long you will be spending fun holiday in Seoul.

1. Seoul City Pass

 Can be used for Seoul City Tour Bus, Seoul Bus and Metro Subway.

2. T-Money

 This is my favorite one. Because it is flexible as to how many trips I want to go to and cheaper for my needs. I will explain more later on this page.

It can look different from this one. They sell different variation of T-Money. It could be card or key chain form. I love the key chain form. I could hang it on my phone.

No worries, you can just buy one of this and you don't have to put your information contact. It used to be like that. But nowadays, tourist can just used it once they bought it.
Recharge your T-Money here. Can be found on every subway stations.

3. Single Trip Subway Ticket

This is the most expensive one. Not only you have to pay for the deposit, but it is also a waste of time. You need to keep getting this ticket every time you want to use subway. So, my suggestion is to find nearest GS25 or 711 in airport and but T-Money or find tourist information and asked them where to get T-Money or Seoul City Pass in airport.

Comparison between Seoul City Pass and T-Money

According to our experience, it was cheaper using T-Money instead of Seoul City Pass. Since we stayed for a week and not using the Seoul City Tour Bus.

This is our itinerary;

The red blocked part was delayed caused by Japan Airlines. Sigh.
Assuming we did 8 trips a day by Subway (which we did almost every day and even more than 8 trips sometimes) including the long trip to airport, it only cost us 35.000 KRW with remaining 8.000 KRW left on my T-Money.
We did 8 trips a day because in the middle of the day we always go back to the apartment to nap. All the walking and sightseeing drained our

We went there on summer. So 6pm were still bright and night started at 8pm. We usually stayed out till 11pm. Remember that subway stopped working from around 11pm. So, don't stay out too late.

I will post about subway information app that will be useful to use even when you don't have internet on the next post.

Have fun in Korea ^_^