Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No More Bullying

I was a survivor of Bullying and I am proud that I survived it.

Unfortunately not a lot of people get a chance of redemption or live long enough to get through it. Unfortunately every day, there is always someone who died because of bullying.

Thus, I would like to share you my story and hopefully you would share me your stories too. We both can help each other and maybe help others (victim or bullies) to stop more bullying.

When I was in 3rd grade of Elementary School, I was bullied by all the girls in school. Some of them were active bullies and some other either passive bullies or passive bystanders. I was bullied for 3 years from 3rd grade to 5th grade.

There were a lot of things they did to me. Snatching my veil (I used to wear veil) and hanging it on the Flag pole) or throwing it to the well. Some other time (when teacher was not around), they would locked me up in a storage room full of cockroaches and rats. Stole my books or pens and broke it. So many other things that wasn't just physically painful but mostly emotionally painful.

Up to this day, my parents doesn't know about the tragedy. I never told them. Which I should. I just don't really see the point why I should right now. Since I am already okay. But I know I should have told my parents about what happened to me at school.

My teachers, either they genuinely didn't know or they intentionally ignored it. I know for a fact that some people thought what they saw was merely a children fight. They didn't realize that what they saw was bullying.

I made this slideshow below to share information about bullying. I used this slideshow in one of Britzone English Community class.

Hopefully this slide will help people to understand better what bullying is and then will be able to stop bullying. Naive? I can't stop hoping that there will be no more Bullying. Stop bullying!