Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Korea: Seoul Subway App and Hotel Accommodation App
New in town (Seoul)? Worrying about how to go around in Seoul? No worries. Technology is here to help you out, not just with map or going around town with Subway but also helping you find a good decent accommodation for your stay in Seoul that might be better than staying in hotel or motel.

1. Seoul Subway Map by Malang Studio Co,LTD

I noticed that even some Korean that I encounter used this app when they wanted to find out the route to go to their destination or the schedule for the train. It is very useful for tourist as it is available in English language too.

 All you need to do is install this app on your Android Phone or iPhone and then download the data. So, it can be used offline. Yes, you heard me right. It is offline application. Making it easier for tourist who doesn't have Korean cellphone number.

Open the app, pick the origin station, click depart from, pick the destination and click arrive at. Voila. There you go. There will be list of station you need and the route you have to take.

These are the links to download it;
Android: Play Store
iPhone: iTunes

2. Hotel Accommodation App: Airbnb

Have you heard of AirBnB? Yes, it is a kinda cool app to search for cheap and comfy accommodation during your trip. You just have to type in the name of your destination and all the list of apartments, hostels, rooms, houses, villas, etc will pop out on the app.

The idea of Airbnb is to help those who has more spaces in their house or has extra accommodation and use it as a way to make income by putting it on a list here. Also to help tourists or visitors to find cheap and better accommodation than hotel. 
This is how it looks on the website homepage
Like I said earlier, you just need to type in the city of your destination and the date of check in and check out, also how many people will go with you. 
This is the search look for Seoul, every time you move the map, there will be more list pops out.
If you joined now and click Airbnb website from the one I gave you down here. You will get $25 Airbnb credit that you can use for your first trip.

Website: Airbnb <- Click Here for $25 off for your first time using Airbnb
Android: Play Store

My Experience with the Apps: Seoul Subway and Airbnb

1. Seoul Subway app or Subway Korea app has been a great help through out our trip in Korea this early June. I get to pick the shortest route or the slightly longer one with less transit stops. I get to modified our trip on the subway based on what I prefer. As we all know in Korea, subway is the cheapest and fast way of transportation. I absolutely love this app. I recommended this for everyone wanting to visit Seoul. Nope, They didn't paid me for this recommendation or reviews.

2. Airbnb has landed us in a very cute place in Dongmyo area. It was so comfy and close to all the tourist destination. The place where I booked for our holiday was a cute studio apartment in Dongmyo. In front of the apartment, there is flea market and on Sunday, they will have more sellers there. Truly a gem to find something for cheaper price. GS25 (kinda like 711) is so close. Only 5 minutes from the place to subway station. Super convenient. We love that place.
Pictures of the place we stayed in
We paid only 5 million rupiah for the whole week there. It is definitely cheaper than staying in a 2 million/night hotel or more comfortable than shared bedroom in hostel.

What are you waiting for? Start saving some money for your next trip or book the ticket already. Go now! ♡ ^_^