Tuesday, June 2, 2015

BritZone: Free English Community in Jakarta

Do you ever wish to increase your English language skill?
Would like to join a class but no budget?
Why not join Britzone for Free English Class?

Look no further, because in Jakarta we have Britzone; English Community that gives free class 3 times a week.

Originally organized by British Embasy (or so I heard) but has separate itself and become a community owned organization.

Britzone has class every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6.30pm to 8pm and Saturday at 11am to 1pm.
Make sure to check their Twitter or Facebook page first, they usually put information on the next class's theme or whether there will be class or not especially on holiday.

Facebook Page: Britzone English Club
Twitter: @BritzoneID
Class: Tusday & Wednesday at 6.30pm-8pm
           Saturday at 11am-1pm

Everyone in the class will have a chance to speak up or conduct a class once you are ready to speak in public. Thus it will increase your English speaking skill. Every tuesday, the theme usually involves around English grammar or known as B-Academy. Wednesday and Saturday class are free sharing/conduct session. Anyone with a specific set of skill and willing to share will be given a chance to share on those days.

Last month (Wednesday class), I gave presentation on the class about Bullying. As a survivor of bullying, I wish to share stories and listen to more stories about bullying. Hopefully by sharing this stories and information, we will be able to decrease the rate of bullying in our country. Let there be no more blood or tear shed because of this.

Video of Britzone
Do come to the class and get to know Britzone awesome people. Expand your horizon and increase your English Language skill. They will welcome you with love.

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