Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme

Your Life, Your Passion,  Your Way
Anna Sui Indonesia has sent me one of their perfume product to review. Nope, they didn't pay me to review this product. So, I will let you know what I think about the product.

1. Packaging

I like the packaging (tho it is a bit too girly for some people). When you buy Anna Sui's product, you know you like girly feminine designs that has always been their design and decoration on their products. I am a girly girl, I love the color and designs they picked. It somehow shows a more adult feminine side from the choice of color and the pattern drawn on the packaging. They said the design is called Art Nouveau. Fancy!!!

2. Bottle

The bottle design is truly cute and feminine. Purple matte color for a bottle that shaped like Rose and butterfly lid in a bright gold color.

3. Ingredients

Perfumer, Philippe Romano from DRUM created this perfume from Turkish Rose, Sparkling Pear, Burgundy Berries and some warm woods element. Those names are absolutely fancy. I sprayed it a bit on my skin, I thought I only sprayed it a bit. But the smell was pretty strong. So it is the kind of perfume that you only need to spray a tad bit of it and it will goes along way. Kinda save money for the price they are selling it.

4. La Vie de Bohème in words

This perfume is targeted for Romantic yet Free Spirited Women. It carries a playful spring-summer scent. Portraying a fun yet mysterious character. Easy going yet strong and confident. It smells like a warm flower combined with the fruit scents from the Burgundy Berries. Personally I prefer a breeze of spring scent compare to a warm scent. Tho I don't mind the scent of this perfume either. This makes me feel elegantly feminine.

5. Test

I sprayed it on my clothes and the back of my neck. It stays for quite some time, like around 8 hours or so. Even after I took quick rinse because the weather was quite hot yesterday. I still smell like flower. I probably sprayed too much. Because at first the scent was almost too strong. I sprayed it 3 times on the skin. I guess one or twice here and there should be enough next time.

6. Price

It comes on several sizes and different prices.
75ml       =        Rp.887.000
50ml       =        Rp.690.000
30ml       =        Rp.505.000


I still prefer their La Nuit de Bohème EDT but I will go for this one too.