Friday, June 5, 2015

Married Life: 10 Things Wife Has To Get Used To

I have posted an article about Married Life: 10 Things My Husband Has To Get Used To and now it is time for my turn.

1. Sock Monster

    I just did packing our suitcase for our trip to South Korea. I asked him how many socks he wants me to put on the suitcase. He said one for each day. Who would change socks one or twice a day? That is insane. I would wear the same socks for at least a week (I am not gross, right!?). So, imagine how many socks he has? Yes, a pile of them. He really is the Sock Monster.

2. The Farting Guy

    I might be the farting girl. But I always believe (self claimed) that my fart doesn't smell bad. His fart, on the other hand, has the ability to kill weaker living being like plants. lol. Anyway, we are no longer a shy fart-er.
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3. Budgeting

    I used to do budgeting for my monthly allowance too, ever since I was in college. But married couple budgeting is a whole lot different. There is electricity, water, maintenance, apartment rent fee, allowance for hobby, green card fee, honeymoon fee, both of our tax, etc. This is not fun.

4. Mysterious Noise at Night

    Once upon a time, I heard weird noise at night. Krrrrr Krrrr groook grooook. It woke me up from my sleep. Turned out it was my peacefully sleeping hubby snoring away. Originally he doesn't snore. However, after I massively force feeding him with love (uugh so cheesy hehehe), he has gained weight. It is probably affecting his breathing problem now that he has belly. Maybe this is not healthy. Should watch our diet from now on (if I can).
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5. Smelly Cheese

    I hate dairy products and most of my friends/families know this. I don't like the smell of milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream, etc. It is a curse really. Now that I am married to half 'bule' guy who loves cheese. It is unavoidable to have cheese on our fridge. Baking soda kinda help with the smell on the fridge. But it is different case when the Mister decided to nom on his cheese. Usually, I will sit at least 1 meter away from him (his cheese).

6. Whereabout Report

     I really don't mind this. It shows that he actually care when he asked me where I was. The part that I love being married to this guy is that I get to have normal social life. I still go out with my girls till late at night (10pm is my curfew, I am a girl next door). I get to join Meetup's hangout, Couchsurfing's gathering, and other fun events with random people over the internet. He doesn't mind me doing all of this as long as I update him on my whereabout or on what kind of event.

7. Weird Bahasa Indonesia

    He has been learning Bahasa Indonesia for quite some time (I would not say diligently tho). There has been several funny cases when he said the wrong things. I always had a good laugh and would posted it on Path or FB. Sharing is caring right!?

He mistook 'susu kedelai' (soy milk) as 'susu keledai' (donkey milk). Pretty far huh? lol

8. Ugly T-shirt

    I am not talking about t-shirt with famous rock stars or jersey sport outfit. This is like really really old t-shirt that has changed color. I have thrown away some of it. Wonder why he keeps it. He said it was not for emotional value. He was just too lazy to buy new clothes. Now that he has a wife to buy him clothes (whose also has better fashion sense than him), he doesn't mind if I throw away or give away some of his rugged t-shirts.

9. Clumsy Hubby

    He is not so clumsy. But our place is too small for him and he rarely pay attention to smaller things or to things that was not on his range of vision. So many times, he accidentally kicked a water bottle, entangled his feet on cable, dropped something from the small table. Worse case scenario was when he accidentally kicked the pointy side of the bed on his way to the toilet one night.

10. Overly Initiative Husband

      He is super sweet. But sometimes, he would take initiative on things that was not necessary. I found it cute tho. Like one time, I was sick and I asked him to buy some foods and medicine. He thought buying a flower will make me feel better. So he bought a single red rose and bite the stem to make it look like a cheesy filmy move. It looks really silly with plastic full of foods and medicine on both hand and rose on his lips.

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He wants to look like this.
His action was well appreciated of course. Hihihi