Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Korea: Portable Wifi

Most of Wifi in Korean public areas are not free. You need to buy the package before using it. Of course you can always go to a cafe and use their wifi. But you can't always go to a cafe every time you need to connect to internet.

There were cases where I find it difficult to meet my friends without wifi to contact them on Kakaotalk or Line. So, I decided to get Egg Wifi on the 2nd day of staying in Seoul.

There are 2 famous companies that rent out portable wifi. I will show you the differents and benefits from different companies.

1. Wifi-Korea

You can get it in the airport or in Insa-dong. But you need to book it first. Either book it before your flight to Korea or when you already in their Insa-dong's office.

Decide which packet do you need. If you are going to stay only in Seoul area, it is best to get the UDP package. $2.99/day
Where and how do you want to return it? 

  • If you want to return it in the airport or to the hotel front desk, you have to pay deposit of $100 with credit card which they are gonna return it back once you return their device in the airport/hotel. Make sure, you come to the airport really early to return the device. 
  • If you want to return it to Insa-dong's office, there will be cash deposit which will be returned the same day you returned their device to the office.

2. Pocket Korea Wifi

Similar to ESP Package above
Similar to UDP package above
Similar procedure to Wifi-Korea but their deposit is slightly smaller $50 compare to Wifi-Korea, which should not be a problem since it will be returned to your account once they got their device back. Pocket Wifi Korea also delivers to the house, AirBnB house, apartment, or hotel where you stay.

These are the comparisons between 2 companies;
ValueWifi-KoreaPocket Wifi Korea
PriceCheaper Package--More Expensive
Booking ProcessEasier---
Now, you have to decide which service do you want to use, whether Wifi-Korea or Pocket Wifi Korea. Then enjoy your fast internet in Seoul.
Personally, I prefer using Wifi-Korea's service, because their package is a lot cheaper. Sure, the deposit is more expensive. But eventually I will get it back. I checked my Credit Card and I got the deposit back within a week after returning the device in the airport.