Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unboxing: Beauty Treats Indonesia (December Box)

Hi there,

I am really sleepy. I am typing with half eye close. It is almost 12pm and soon it will be midnight. I am sleepy but I owe it to you all to make this post.

I just got my first ever and probably last box of Beauty Treats Indonesia. Result? Disappointed, of course. Like before with their Crabtree&Evelyn event. Seems like BTI hasn't win my like for anything yet. So, I won't continue my subscription. But, if you like the products, and you think it is all good enough..then it is up to you to do whatsoever you deem fit.

Before I said anything about the box and my opinion about it. Let me share you the pictures of the unboxing process.

 I kinda like the blue color box. it looks so pretty. I should say this is the part that I like the most.


 1. Secret Key Snow White Cream (Sample 2ml)
2. Secret Kiss Let Me Know CC Cream (Sample 2ml)
3. Secret Key Dragon Blood Essence (Sample 2ml)
4. Makarizo Nutriv Serum (1 ampule)
5. Lavie Lash (Real size)
6. Enrico Coveri EDT for Her and Him (Sample 3ml)

Too many samples on one box. I am disappointed because I was hoping that this box will be Christmas related or Holiday related box. But it really doesn't feel like holiday to me. I wish they would put things that is actually useful in a better size. I think samples should be count as free. How petty!

I mean how fun it would be to get bigger size products that worth a money that we spent for. Samples are suppose to be free. I mean it is so easy to get samples. Samples everywhere is free. Why would they count this in. And they put 2 Crabtree&Evelyn booklets. I am still not very pond of them. I went to their event paying 100k rupiah and BTI claimed that the event will give me a goodie bag worth 300k. Turned out we could only get the goodie bag if we spent money buying product.

I pointed it out the store manager that they didn't put Term&Condition Apply on the poster. So, the goodie bag should be for everyone who paid the money. Then they finally gave us the goodie bag. The kind of bag that you will get for shopping in food store, the Saving the Earth kinda bag, and 3 small samples of Crabtree&Evelyn. That was a joke. Those things 'goodie bag' that worth 300k.. yeah right!!

Anyway, result of my box today.......jreeeeng jreng jreng more BTI. Unless they improve themselves first and stop treating customer as if we are dumb. 300k goodie #straightfaceandtypelol