Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IBB Make Up Challenge December 2013

Hiyaaa Beauties,

Gyaaaaa Beauties...This is my first make up challenge after joining a Beauty world a month ago. Aaaaaah my hand is shaking with excitement. In analogy, I am like a newborn baby trying to walk..I hope I won't fall and bump a table ;-p

Please, be nice to me commenter. I am new at this. But I really hope you will like my look for this challenge.
The theme that I choose is "The Gold Beauty".

Here is a picture before putting on some makeup.

 I added some line using lip liner first to make it easier shaping the mask.

These are the almost finish to finish look.

Finally with a messy hair look for a finish.

I am wearing tank top in the last 2 pictures but my hair makes it look like I am almost topless hihihi..

I am not sure if I am gonna win the MUC. But I had a good time trying this make up..so winning is not my goal. Learning and process of doing were achievement as baby step for me, a newborn Beauty Blogger. I hope you like this look and feel inspired to create your own look.

If you are interested in joining MUC and getting the awesome price from D'Eyeko, you may find the link here in; Indonesian Beauty Blogger, Make Up Challenge, IBB MUC

You will find out how to do the challenge in the link above. I hope you will have as much fun as I did.

Cherios Chikas,

Suci Park