Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Vlog: Beginner Vlogger, Night Make up Routine


I am excited to let you know that finally I muster my courage to upload this first video of me reviewing/commenting/telling on Beauty Products or Beauty Routine.

But I have to remind you, I was really nervous on my first video and I messed up al the grammars. It was like complete gibberish. However, I still want to put myself more out there. This is definitely a beginner video. I haven't even figure it out on how to create better video. This video that I upload was not going to any editing process. I want to be honest to the viewer that I am indeed posting my first video. I promise I will keep learning to make better quality video and better way of delivering speech on Beauty Products.

This video is about my night routine. I will post it on other blog post for detail review of the products I used on the video. I hope you will like my video despite of the lack of professionally in my part.
Night Cosmetic Routine

Have a great day, Chikas!

Suci Park