Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick Review of Package from Korea

Hi there,

I felt like it has been a while I haven't show up with new post. Eventho days ago I already post something. I just feel like I miss you all. So, i am posting a quick review of a package that just arrive in the office.

I bought the stuffs from Qoo10. It took a month or more till the package arrived safely on my desk. Here they are;
 Dew Lite Eyes : Tear Liner, Luxury Gold
Clubpartra: Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner, Shine Blue
Prestige: Crème D'Escargot (3 samples)

 This is how it looks from behind

I took the stuffs out from the packaging.

The swap result on my skin. The gel liner (Shine Blue) need several times of applying till I got those colors there (2 or 3 times). As for the Tear Liner (Luxury Gold), it doesn't really looks like gold color to me. The liquid is very lumpy, so the line that i make is different each time I tried to apply it. You either can get good color within one swap or you need more swaps.

1. Love the packaging
2. Unknown brand (which means not many people using it)
3. Mildly like the shine blue color

1. Unknown brand (has not been tested whether good or not, since not many people has using it)
2. The gel liner seems like easy to break pencil
3. Seems like it is gonna be hard for me to sharpen the pencil
4. I don't really like the color of the Tear Liner
5. The Tear Liner is very lumpy. Make it harder to apply it on the skin.

I am not gonna repurchase it.

I will collect the samples for now. No intention of using it yet.