Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haul: Etude House 30% Sale

Last Friday, 28th November 2014, I went to Etude House. Last January, boyfriend bought me their Wonder Pore Freshener size 500ml. Read Review Here

I almost run out of this amazing product. It has become a big part of my skin routine. I notice the differences after start using it. I got healthier, nicer skin and less acnes or pores problem. There is no way I am giving up on this product now. Back then it was very pricey. So I had to ask boyfriend to buy it for me in Korea.
Nail Polish to compare the size.
Last Friday, I just went to Etude House to check on the price. I saw the price was Rp.478.000 for the 500ml and Rp.288.000 for the 250ml. I thought I will just buy the smaller size. Then the lady told me it was all 30% discount. The after discount price for the 500ml was Rp.334.600. Obviously, I prefer to get the big one for long time usage.

And I remember my nail polish remover is almost run out too. So i bought one. Original price Rp.48.000 and I got it for Rp.33.600. Bought 2 mask sheets each for Rp.19.600 from Rp.28.000.

So I spent only Rp.407.000 for all those stuffs. Including bonus 2 BB Cream samples, 1 sample of Magic Cushion and 1 nail polish (originally Rp.98.000) and I got it all for free.
This is the comparison price list:

Not sure if it they have sales all over their stores or just this one in Plaza Senayan. But I was and still very happy with my Etude House Haul.

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