Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 My Favorites

It is December 2014 already!!! 2015 is coming up. Are you ready with your New Year Resolution?

I have never posted my Favorites on blog before, because I just started blogging this year. This will be my first and I will cover everything that I am crazy about during 2014. Some of these products you might already seen it in my previous post. The second part of this post is coming up soon.

Here they are, 15 of my favorites;

1. Smash Box: Vivid Violet
Gosh...I got a lot of compliments on this one. A random stranger in New Orleans, a friend (barely friend) on Facebook, some friends on real life, some friends on Path, boyfriend (the one who bought it for me).

2. LBD (Little Black Dress)
This year I bought 3 extra LBD. Got some from New Look, H&M, and Zalora. I already have more than enough now.

3. Nachos and Dips
Tried the authentic one in US and absolutely in love with it.

4. Flowery Pattern
I have more than 10 dresses/tops with flowery pattern.

5. Pancake
Ever since I got back from 2 weeks vacation to US, I have been crazy over Pancakes.
Monolog's Blueberry&Choco Chip Pancake

Huddle House Pancake

6. J.Co Chocolate Cronut

7. Wedding Dress
Since I will be a bride soon in 3 more months. Yeay!!! Ready to say bye to my fun 'single life'.
Dress Fitting in Huntsville, Alabama. Dress chosen by the Groom-To-Be

8. Leather shorts
Found this short in Forever 21 and I am Forever happy with this short. (For now)

9. My Compact EM Life Palette

10. Indian Foods
This year, I ate a a whole lot of Indian foods.

11. Wine
Usually not a big fan of wine, but this year I tried some pretty good Wines.
Riesling Kabinett, German Wine
12. Thrift Shopping
I adopted this habit on my last vacation to US

13. Boots
Yes yes yes Boots!!!

14. Beignet from Cafe Du Monde
Absolutely delicious, mouth watery, sugar heaven kinda food.

15.  Intercontinental Hotel
Had some memorable events here and memorable foods too.
Jimbaran Lounge 
Jimbaran Lounge