Friday, December 12, 2014

Cabin in The Wood, Lake Guntersville

Cabin in The Wood
We were driving at night for 8 hours from Golf Shore to Guntersville. It was cold autumn night, the fog was hovering the road. We passed by Albertville first and went to wooden area surrounded by fog around 11pm. It was eerie and I felt jumpy. I was worried something might pop out on the middle of the road. The road was pretty empty. We only saw one or 2 cars passing us.

View of Lake Guntersville from the Camp

The Empty Camp Site
The cabin was located near Camp Ney A Ti surrounded by few smaller cabins and woods area. The House cabin in front of us was used by a sick old man and his sister. The other cabin several meters away from our cabin looks like a witch's house. So scary that I don't dare to take picture of it. 
The Forrest

View from The Hill
Wefie in front of The Cabin
The next day, we went to Huddle House to get some breakfast. I was craving for some pancake or waffle. The portion was realllllly huge. I can only ate a quarter of the portion. But it was really good pancake. Boyfriend said that the one from iHop should be even better. Next time, I would like to try this one. 

Selfie in Huddle House
Seriously delicious Blueberry-Choco Chip Pancake drizzled with Strawberry Sauce
We drove back to the cabin because his dad will come and stay with us in the cabin. He is going to take me sailing with his boat. Sailing is his passion. I found an old newspaper about a young boy building his own boat with the money he had been saving, turned out that young boy was dad. He took so much pride for his boat and his hobby.
Wefie with dad and the boat 'SeaPearl 21'
Helping Dad out with the excess water from the rain that morning
After sailing, we decided to go to The Lodge on top of the hill to see the sunset and the view of the lake. The Lodge is a hotel located on top of the hill in Guntersville State Park. I assume it must be state owned hotel. It has amazing view.
He came over to our car on our way to go to the Lodge.
The Lodge

Bob Cat
Majestic View of Lake Guntersville, we went sailing there. 
Still waiting for Sunset 
Almost time
Beautiful Sun Set 
Giant ate the Sun
We went to get grocery immediately since we decided to do BBQ. We had a late dinner because we were too busy sightseeing in The Lodge. Dad and Bf cooked BBQ burger for us. It was a very satisfying dinner accompanied with good wine that dad bought from Germany. 
Yummy Beef Burger
Germany Wine 
Dad likes to drink his wine with Sarden.
It was only a short visit to Guntersville. But I enjoyed the sailing, sunset gazing, sightseeing, and BBQ-ing with Dad and Bf. Cabin in the wood is kinda scary, but it was warm inside and I felt safe somehow.