Friday, December 5, 2014

The Color for Your Lips

Don't you just love it when you see all that pretty colors?

Despite of being a beauty blogger, I am not as experienced or as good as most of beauty bloggers out there in terms of putting on cosmetic on my face. Mostly because I am kinda picky on stuffs and I am not good at art. Kudos to all the ladies (or not ladies) who put on make up on their face regularly. I am seriously bad at drawing eyebrows, eye shadow, highlighting, etc.

I am so bad at those stuffs that the only make up that I regularly wear/use will be lipstick. Who else agree with me that a single touch of lipstick can already heighten the feature of your face? Even if I am not good at putting on make up, but I can at the very least put on some color on my lips. That would already categorize as make up for me. That is why picking up a good color and a good quality of lipstick is such a big deal to me. I am a sucker for colorful, bright lipsticks.

I love this small size Vaselline Lip Balm. It is odorless and no color. It feels kinda sticky a bit. But I adore the result so much. I started put on this  lip balm every night before bed and every morning before put on some lipstick. I haven't had chap lips ever since. I forgot to put it on for a week. But still, it hasn't change much.

 This is Sephora's product. I forgot the price for this one. Bought it in Huntsville. So I assume it should be slightly cheaper than the one in Indonesia. I just try it today, not much to tell for now.

I loooooove this one.
Got it in Sephora, the brand is SmashBox, color Vivid Violet. I love the result on my lips, not too dark but not too light either. Got the perfect combination of dark/light color for my lips and definitely suitable for brown-ish skin like mine. Other reason to love this product is that it is moisturize my lips perfectly. You know, sometimes a product would tell us that they do have moisturizer or Vitamin E on their product but you ended up with chapped lips anyway. Yeah, this is not like that. I don't really need lip balm for this one. I tried it immediately after buying it and it was a windy autumn in Alabama. Yet, I got my lips moisturized with this gorgeous lipstick. Definitely wanna try more color from SmashBox now.

This one is L'oreal 262 (Fresh as Rose), pink rosy color. I used this one more often than the rest. The color is very appropriate for office, a date, girls day out, sunny day, etc.
Very important that this one also gives me the right amount of moisturizer with or without the lip balm.

I am still on the look for a very vibrant bright pink lipstick, a vibrant neon orange lipstick, a dark Alabama red lipstick, a dark purple lipstick, a vibrant bright red lipstick. So if you are currently using or if you know certain brands of lipstick that match my description also has moisturizer (a good one obviously), Do let me know!?

I will hunt for some more of this colorful lipstick.

Cheerios Ladies,

Suci Park