Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend in Jakarta and Depok

Telletubies Mountain in UI Depok
Bored with mall? Some of you who know me might scream loudly and said "No way, I would be bored with mall!". But it happens sometime, when I am mostly broke/out of money/tanggal tua/weeks away from paycheck.
Not sure why we have to hold our hand..cheesy romantic? urgh

I would like to suggest alternatives of things to do on weekend with low budget. As you already know, our Commuter Line has changed a lot. It looks better and decent now. So, I proposed an idea to a friend of mine who despite of working in Jakarta, refuse to leave her old kosan (boarding house) in her campus area (UI Depok). I told her I would like to visit her campus (ex) and see what they got in there on Saturday. Then on Sunday, she could come to Jakarta and I am gonna take her to National Museum, Monas, and etc.
I am not "Si Manis Jembatan Ancol"

When I went to UI Depok, I took the commuter line. Since I don't have the card yet, I have to get the one day only card. I forgot the price but it was super cheap. She welcomed me and our friend in UI Depok Station with a "Welcome" sign. So cute!
What a lovely greeting!!

She took us walking around her campus and for lunch se took us to a korean restaurant near their library. It was a small but decent restaurant. The food was cheap for Korean food and it taste delicious. I can't get over the drink that I ordered. I forgot the name, but it was really good.
The Restaurant 
What was I holding there? *pikun
It was raining, so we had to wait for a little wail in Starbuck before proceed our trip walking around the campus.
Rain pitter-pattering on the road
On Sunday, she came to Jakarta and I took her to National Museum.  Then we ate mie ayam in Monas which was super crappy taste. Don't even bother to finish it. It was gross and yucky. Street food in Monas is just super bad. I would rather eat in Benhil street food. They have better taste and price.
A statue in National Museum

The hidden gem of National Museum, the haunted cave.

We went to Indonesia Kaya. Yes it is in mall, but it is for free. So, we didn't have to spend any money for it.
We played a little bit of this digital game in Indonesia Kaya. I won! Obviously!