Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Gyaaaaaaaaaaa Finally I got my Wonder Pore. This is the product that I have always want for past couple of months I saw a blogpost about it.

I asked boyfriend to buy me this in Incheon Airport on his way to Indonesia from America. He looked around for Etude House store but couldn't find it. I forgot the store was on Garuda Terminal, not in the main terminal. So he had to visit 3 Duty Free stores to find it.
Funny thing happened when he was looking for this stuff. He keep having trouble with the sales person since they barely speak English (weird they work in Airport with soooo many foreigners). He said 2 sales person in 2 previous stores hinted (his guess) that the Wonder Pore is solo popular that it is always sold out. So when boyfriend asked for it, they just said "No more pore, no more pore!". I guess maybe what they meant to say is that the Wonder Pore is sold out..hahaha same thing also happened when he asked for Cracked Nail Polish from Face Shop, the sales person just said "no more nails..no more nails" makes no sense at all.
Finally he found it on the 3rd store...pfffffuiiih. I am just so glad he did.

He bought me the biggest size of 500ml for price of 15$ almost the same price with Indonesian price for Wonder Pore 250ml.
See the comparison of how big it is with my hand.
I got one free Alphabet Mask "B-Bulgarian Rose" yeaaay

Here is how it looks like on the back and side cover of the packaging;

And here is what the lid of the bottle looks like;

push on the lid and the liquid will come out.

I put a short video on how to get the liquid out.  Here

The bottle is too big for me to use and according to the picture on the back cover of the packaging, it says I can use it as face mist too. So I took some of it out and put it on a pink bottle.

Hehe it looks so cute when it stands near the big bottle. I just used it once or twice. So I won't be able to make result review yet. But I will try to update it once I got the visible result. Btw, I also planning to try this product on my boyfriend's skin. He has orange skin pore because he used to have acnes. I would like to see if this product is as good as what people say even if the skin problem is more visible. I have pores but not as big. What annoys me the most is the tip of the nose area. It's clogged. I hope this product will make it better.

Hope you enjoy the quick product review. Follow me for update on the product result. I will try to review Face Shop: Face It CC Cream and Tony Moly: Luminous Aura CC Cream and the comparison of both products.

Stay Tune and Stay Healthy!

Suci Park