Friday, May 9, 2014

Bikram Yoga: Hot Stuff to do in Jakarta

26 positions for Bikram Yoga
First time I heard Bikram Yoga, I thought it was some kind of kinky sex combine with Yoga. I was so curious. So I started a small research on YouTube (Yes, I search for 'what i think as' porn in YouTube). I was surprise it was a different kind of porn. It was porn for sport maniac. I mean in a good way. All the moves seems pretty easy and fun to do. I widen my search through Jakarta/Indonesia Bikram Yoga, turned out Jakartan seems to think Bikram Yoga is pretty cool or hot (suit yourself).

A couple hours after starting my research on Bikram Yoga, at this point, I am already hooked and baited by Bikram Yoga. I decided to find a class with reasonable price. Then I found a link on voucher selling website that they were selling Bikram Yoga voucher for really really cheap price. My boyfriend encouraged me to buy the voucher. Well, actually he bought the voucher for us. 35$ for 10 visits per person. Not so bad, compare to 150$ per month.

We started doing Bikram Yoga on weekend. Unfortunately the place was pretty far from our place, so we only managed to visit the place 3 times. We were both too lazy.

During the visits, we learned to breath properly during the practice and respecting other's exercise is highly important. There are rules inside the hot studio; like you are not suppose to leave the room, if you are tired you may sit down, you are not suppose to talk or disturb other people, make sure to drink plenty of water before-during-after, and all other rules. Tho some of Jakartans seem to think less of the rules; some of them comes late to the hot studio, talk to their friends, or drinking water when it is not the time. Ah well, what do you expect.

But the practice of Bikram Yoga was wonderful. Too bad we didn't come the day after our first day to get use to the practice. We also gave up on the 7 more visits. The place where way too far, taxi fee cost a lot and we are way too lazy to take public transportation.

If only, I had a chance of getting another voucher for Bikram Yoga for a closer place. I would gladly buy it. The exercise was fun and relaxing in the same time. I would like to do it again someday.

Anyway, if you are Jakartan and currently wanting or planning to join Bikram Yoga exercise, these will be my recommendation for the studios.

1. Bikram Yoga Jakarta


2. Bikram Yoga Kuningan


Maybe I will come across your schedule someday. Don't hesitate to wave your hand and say 'hi!' as long as we are not inside studio or during exercise. See you there, Chicas.


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