Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bule Only Date Brown Skin Indonesian

Yesterday I came by to a store in front of my kosan (dorm). There was a girl (might be early 20 or about to be 20). She is a housekeeper for the store's owner. The store is also 2 story house, first floor is the store and the owner's house and 2nd floor is a dorm where my friend lives. The housekeeper has seen me several times when I visited my friend. Apparently, she remember me as the girl who date bule. Now, I didn't take pride of dating bule. Besides I don't really date a bule. I am currently dating a hybrid. How cool is that? He is half Chinese-Indonesian and half American (or Irish American? He is a quarter Irish too). His skin color is a little bit pale but not as white and his face looks a bit more Asian than bule (caucasian). But apparently people in my neighborhood still consider that to be bule.

Anyway, this girl started to giggle when I came to the store and she was (clearly) so excited when she saw me. She asked me if my boyfriend is a bule. I was confuse on what to say because I don't really consider him a bule. He is a hybrid, my hybrid man. So, I just nod, I figure it was easy and quick answer. Boy, I was wrong. She started pulling my hand and giggled while excitingly telling me that she talked to her friends about my boyfriend. I was wondering why they were talking about it. She said they noticed that bule in Indonesia only dates brown skin Indonesian. They seems so sure about it that bule only likes an exotic looking girl. Usually the word 'exotic' in this context offended me. But I know she meant nothing bad. It just that when people saw bule with a brown skin Indonesian, they always assume that the girl is not that pretty and most probably has 'kampung' face. Even my own best friend said so. Seems like they judge people here also by the skin color. Fair skin is prettier than brown skin girl. A lot of ads backs up the theory. If i turn on my TV, I will see 35% of the ads are about skin whitening lotion/cream/mask/treatment.

The girl's friend asked her to go to a skin doctor and get skin whitening injection serum. At this point, she noticed my expression. I must have shown a horrible looking expression because she finally slow down on her excitement. I told her what is wrong with your skin? It looks healthy and young looking. Don't tarnish it just because some false ads. Not sure if she actually listened tho. She started getting all fired up talking about something else. She was telling me that they went to Grand Indonesia to see bule (some sort of entertainment?) and they saw most of them coming with their brown skin 'exotic' looking girlfriend or wife. She started to look at me, my skin, and my body.

I was getting uncomfortable. So, I paid for the water (I came there to buy mineral water) and left just in time when her boss came.