Friday, May 30, 2014

Belly Dance in Jakarta

courtesy of Bellydance Jakarta Facebook page

I love belly dancing. I haven't done it for a while now.

I used to join a belly dancing class in Gold Gym. Than I quit my membership because they cross off Belly Dancing from their studio class. Obviously the reason why I join the gym was for Belly Dancing. I am not sure if they have it back in the studio or not. I haven't been to a gym for years. (It could be the reason why I gained weight again....sigh)

Then I join another Belly Dancing class in Step Dance, FX Senayan. The class was being taught by Christine Yaven. If you are a belly dancer or a fan of belly dance in South East Asia, you might recognize her name. She is been in a lot of tv shows and has been performing all over the country and neighborhood countries too. I was lucky to have a chance learning from her.

If you are interested in joining her class, you can visit Step Dance academy in FX Senayan 7th Floor. It is open for public too, not just professional or dance students. Don't worry about not having a background dancing class or skill. The teacher is pretty generous on teaching you the routine. A friend of mine joins their ballet class. She seems to have tons of fun in her class.

Here is their schedule for classes;

Website: Step Dance

Fee      : Lat time I was there, 3 or 4 months ago (early 2014) Rp.500.000/month (4 times)

If Step Dance Academy is too far from your house or dorm, you can try this dance academies. I never tried it. I heard they are as good.

1. Belly Dancing @ Anza Jakarta
NZA House | Phone:  +622171793042      
Every Thursday 12noon - 1pm
Fee:           Rp80,000 per member per lesson.
Website:    Anza

2. Belly Dancing with Sandy Ulrich
Every Tuesday
Fee:             Rp280,000 for 4 lessons. Contact her for more information. 
Telephone:  +6221-7193924

3. Belly Dancing with Belly Dance Jakarta
Christine Yaven also teaches Belly Dance in this studio. The teachers here already got their certification and recognition for their Belly Dancing skills.
Facebook:   Belly Dance Jakarta
Adress:       Jl. Mas Putih Blok D-48, Permata Hijau, Jakarta

NEW Beginner Classes to suit your schedule!

Weeknight - Tuesday 7pm
Weekday - Thursday 10.30am
Weekend - Saturday 10am

Class Schedule 2011 (Permata Hijau)
TUE 11.30 Beg II
19.00 Beg IA - NEW CLASS
20.00 Int II

THU 10.30 Beg IA - NEW CLASS
19.30 Int I

SAT 10.00 Beg IA - NEW CLASS
11.00 Beg IB
12.00 Beg II
14.00 Int I
16.00 Int II

4. Velvet Raqs
Jakarta, Indonesia
Type of lessons: Weekly classes, private classes, workshops
Dance style: American Oriental
Phone:          +6232717272    


5. Tian Entertainment
Website:     Tian Entertainment
Jakarta, Indonesia
Type of lessons: Private / Group Belly Dance Classes
Dance style: Shakira's Belly Dance
Phone: + 62 813 11 100 448   

6. Sahara Dance Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia
Type of lessons: Workshops, privates, weekly classes
Dance style: Belly dance
Phone: +62217193587   

I might check some of these places. I am planning to join Belly Dance class again. Tho I have to find cheaper place now. I have been a shopaholic lately. Sigh.

I hope all this information will be able to help you on your quest for a belly dance class. Enjoy your class. 

See ya,

Suci Park