Thursday, June 12, 2014

My 20+ (something) Birthday, A Day Closer to 30

A week before the big day:
I am gonna be a day closer to 30 and I haven't reach to a place where I wanna be yet.

2 Days before:
I think I am gonna have a lonely birthday. None ask me out for dinner party nor preparing a surprise birthday party for me. I am no longer in college, none will do that here.

A day before:
I don't think people will even remember.

The Day:

Someone left a gift on my doorstep with a cryptic note saying "TO: 나의 사랑하는 진구" which means " TO: My lovely Friend"
I found a really cute wooden color keys and rubber strap. The note says that this might be a key to open door of my happiness or any other fortune door. I love the concept. Totally romantic. I know it then, that my day is gonna be great. I can feel the air of greatness.

It doesn't say who sent the gift. But I could guess. It must be a friend from college who stays in the next dorm. And I was spot on. She admitted it. Love her sweet gesture and looooove the gift.

Morning in the office;
A friend of mine who sat right in front of me and whose face I saw everyday gives me a really cute jar. I was so happy because I am collecting cute jars now. I have always been a fan of cute packaging and jars. I started collecting it after a trip to Singapore where I found small jelly jars. Her gift was the perfect addition to my collection. Also I love flowery pattern.

Boyfriend has been sulking since last night. He said everyone trying to steal his thunder, first with the first one to congratulate me and now with the cryptic yet romantic gift. I didn't notice he was plotting something. Until the security in my office said that there is a package waiting for me in the front desk.
Turned out he ordered cookies set from my fav bakery in town, The Harvest.
Love the classy packaging and colorful cookie jars. Another addition to my jar collection and I am sure it will taste great. Tho I will try not to open it till July 28th for Ied Day. I am sure everyone in my hometown would love to try this cookies.

Evening after office:
I spent an hour dinner with my boyfriend's mom. She was a sweetheart. We talked about the house, her trip, my trip to Bira Island this upcoming weekend, and about his son/my boyfriend. We shared a lot in common like our favorite chicken part is the leg or how we like tempe, etc. It was fun. And I get to play with the adorable cousin whom her laughter will lit up any room she is in. Love this little girl.

Earlier this morning, my fav hotel called me to congratulate me. I was surprised because it has been a while I haven't visited that hotel. To my surprise, they said they want to send something. I have them sending it to my home. I thought it was probably some merchandise.
When I came home, my 'mbak' said there is a package for me and she put it in the fridge. Turned out it was a huge Strawberry Cheesecake. They also came with a note of congratulation. They wrote it with pen and they signed on it. I can feel the sincere of it. How nice of them to send me the cake, write handwriting note too.
I must have talked a lot about this hotel and brag a lot about it. How could I not if they are this sweet?

I decided to bring it to the office. And now, everyone has been urging me to cut the cake. I think it is gonna be all gone by the end of the day.

It was a perfect birthday. I got so many wishes on all my socmed account, not to mention the personal message on almost all of my chatting app. I feel blessed and loved. I wasn't even thinking about how old I feel like. If being 28 years old is gonna be this amazing. I will embrace it gracefully. The first day of 28 has been awesome!!! I am proud to be 28.