Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick Review: Em Life Palette (Love Life)


I am back with another review. This one that I have promised you a while ago. I know I said I would wrote the review on early January but I got sick the past 2 weeks and his parents visiting from the States to meet my parents, love life has taken over. Right now, finally after 2 weeks of relentless coughing, I feel a lot better now.

So here I am, writing a review in between Tea Time break (in the office..sssttt)

I promise you that I have never used this EM Life Palette before I give you my review. I am pretty excited to finally make a review and finally I will be able to use it for daily needs or special occasion.

Here it is.. the Oh-SO-Gorgeous EM Life Palette (Love Life)

I love the packaging on how practice it is for me to pick any of my fav colors for a small compact size. The colors on this palette, some of them, I like it. But the rest, I would say my least favorite. Actually, I prefer the colors from the Beach Palette but I won't be able to use it as often for daily use.

I got a card contains information of each colors.
I haven't put a sticker above each palettes

under room light and no flash

under room light with flash
with stickers above each palettes

compact size (combination of each series)

 I could not get any good swatches due to lack of light. I will try to get it next time on a deeper review. For now, I am giving you my first and quick review of the palette.

1. The Gorgeous yet sleek packaging
2. Comes with free compact size
3. Easy to pluck in and out the colors if I wanna get it for my compact size
4. I like some of the colors (100% for the blush, 70% for the eyeshadow, 55% for the lip stain)
5. The shimmer colors on all of those shimmer ones are pretty normal and natural for daily looks.
6. Love the magnet pluck out thingy to help me remove the color blocks from the palette.
7. Decent 2 edges brush
8. Has better experience with this eyeshadow than the one I tried from Kanebo.
9. Easy to use and comes with lots of tutorial on YouTube.

1. The palette bowl color is white, so it is easily stained. (At least, it is easy remove the stain.)
2. I don't really care for some of the colors, especially for the lip stain.
3. The colors is not as opaque or as pigmented as I thought it will be.
4. Way too expensive for my range.

I think EM Cosmetics is a new brand and they are still experiencing glitch in some of their products. I fully understand it tho. I think EM hasn't reach its best potential yet. They definitely have good potential and I am still looking forward to their next best invention. I hope they haven't done experimenting on the colors and the quality of the products. I sincerely hope they will make a Life Palette 2.0 with better products quality, better consistency on the color's pigments and opaqueness.

Overall: 7.5
*) I still think this is a good product. Easy to use and practice. However, I still think they can do better with the quality of the products, at least this one (haven't tried other yet).
**) Do I think it is worth 75$? Maybe not quite there yet.
***) Will I repurchase? I might wanna try some other palettes like Beach Palette. But, and only if it is around 50$ or less. Unless, I really love this product so much (quality, colors, etc) then maybe I won't mind the 75$ price.


First time using it. Yeaaay. A very soft look for lips and eyes.
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