Friday, January 24, 2014

First Visit: Japan Beauty Week

Hi all,

Did you know that Kawaii Beauty Japan hosted an event in Atrium Plaza Senayan? It is called Japan Beauty Week. You can try to look for it on their Facebook page. Kawaii Beauty Japan

My office located next to the event place. So, I went there during our Tea Time Break around 4pm. It was quite easy to spot the event. There were not too many people yet. I think it will be crowded on weekend. Make sure you go and check the event.

These are the counters in Japan Beauty Week:

While I was looking, there is this lady from Kanebo counter, she asked me if I want to get free make up done by their famous Japanese Make up artist. So, I thought why not. It was free anyway. I said yes and they introduced me to Mr.Sakai. He didn't talk much but he knew "ke atas, ke bawah" when he gave me order whether to look down or up while he was doing my eyes. We developed some kind of sign language because we both not knowing each other language. He used sign when he wanted me to close my eyes or to look at his chin (why look at his chin? just so he could look at my face on a straight position)

He was very kind and attentive. I gave him my choice of make up and he decided on Japanese Style look, a very subtle look. I guess he looked at my soft pink outfit and thought that I might prefer sweet and subtle look. he was kinda wrong. I mean this was my first chance having a professional make up artist to do my face. I was hoping more of a make over or a surprise look. I mean sweet and subtle is my go-to look. I did that almost every time.

The colors of the eyeshadow look pretty, but when he applied it on my eye lids, it wasn't very pigmented. He already used Lunasol Eye Primer too, but still almost couldn't see the colors. This was kinda disappointing. I guess it was because of my skin color. The effect might be different for someone with fair or lighter skin color. I have dark skin color. So, I need more pigmented color.

Here is the final look:

However, boyfriend said he really likes my look. It does look sweet and suitable to my sweater. So, I was kinda content with his work, not necessarily the products tho. I do like their eye mascara (I forgot to take a picture of it), their soft color lipgloss (it doesn't taste oily and sticky on the lips). I might decide to buy them later. So, make sure to visit Kanebo counter and check some of their stuffs too. It might be suitable for your skin color. You will get free sample if you try the make up look by Mr.Sakai. He was very nice and really good at what his job.,quite perfectionist I would say.

Went to second counter, I got free skin and hair check up in Kracie Hadabisei. The result said that i have perfectly healthy skin despite of the hair coloring. Yeaaaay. Tho...hiks the result also said that I have oily skin yet lack of moisture. Go ahead check your skin there and they will give you free sample too if you fill up their questionnaire.

 These are the samples I collected from the event. I got some from Kracie Hadabisei (2 masks and Shampoo Set) and I got Brightening Lotion from Kanebo. I am actually excited to use the one from Kanebo. After listening to the Kanebo lady in Sogo Counter, it really sound that this product is a good one. I will try to use it and we will see if it makes any change or not after a week of using.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the event while they are still there. Japan Beauty Week will still be in Plaza Senayan till this Sunday (26th January 2014). Maybe I will see you again there.


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