Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Glam Glow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Hi Chicas,

It has been a while since last week when I posted a quick review on EM Life Palette (Love Life). Now I am back with a new review of Glam Glow YouthMud. I am sure some of my fellow blogger and beauty gurus already put/wrote a review on this product. So, this one is basically my personal experience and opinion after using it twice.

I got this product from the Giant who came visiting from America. So, i got it for a cheaper price around 35$ from Amazon. The Indonesian price for this product is around 70$, twice the original price.

Here it is the packaging and unboxing it;

It says on the box that it contains;
1. Youth formula
2. Natural Ingredients
3. For All skin types
4. For Men and Women
5. Paraben Free
6. Vegan and No Animal Cruelty

I was quite surprise when I opened the packaging. I got a message from Glam Glow that made my day.
It says "Hello Sexy" yeaaaay!!!

Left: First Time
Right: Second Time

Before (Left) & After (Right)

2nd Try (Left) & Before 1st Try (Right)

I believe I don't even have to say anything. Despite of the different lightning, I am sure you can see the different on the before, after, and after 2nd try. So far, I am loving it. However, for a girl with low pain tolerance, the tingling feels a bit stronger than I would expect. I am sure it is nothing for most people. But I am always be that girl who scream in massage parlor or beauty parlor when they give me scrub treatment or back massage treatment during cream bath routine. I have low tolerance of pain, lower than most people. so, I am pretty sure the tingle feeling might not be that strong or that annoying to most people. 

1. The Packaging
2. The message of "Hello Sexy"
3. The ingredients
4. The effect on my skin

1. The smell is a bit too strong for me.
2. The tingle feeling
3. The price (if I have to buy it in Indonesia)

I will let you to decide whether it is worth the price or not and whether it is worth to buy or not. I hope you will have a wonderful experience using it too.

Have a Wonderful Day, Wonderful People

Suci Park