Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year 2014 Beauty Resolution and Late Christmas Gifts

Hi there, beloved readers!!!

Happy New Year of 2014! Yuhuuuuuu!!!!
Have a great holiday? I hope you did.

I just got back 3 days ago to Jakarta after 8 days Overland trip to Bali-Bromo and boyfriend who has been away for 6 months also coming back 2 days ago.

He bought me some stuffs from Korea since his flight had to make a stop in Incheon. He had to stay overnight there and decided to buy me some stuffs that I have always wanted.

These are what he got for me;

1. Korean Snacks and Coffee
2. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner and Alphabet mask "B-Bulgarian Rose"
3. Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC Cream
4. Face Shop Face it Color Control CC Cream

I forgot to put other pictures of candy and snacks that he also bought from Korea. He bought Korean sambal/chili paste (Ssamjjang and Gochujang) for me. He has no idea what was it. I guess he thinks it was pudding or something. Silly guy.  Too bad he can't find Smart Digital BB Cream from Face Shop and Nail Polish too. He got this from Duty Free. They only sells the best seller stuff.

New Year Resolutions

I went to Bali for an 8 days Overland trip of Bali-Bromo. My skin color has become more tan now. I spent New Year party in Kuta Beach with so manyyyyy people. It is like people from all over the world came to celebrate New Year in Kuta and Seminyak area.

I was with my Indonesian, Argentinian, and Italian friends there. My 2 beautiful Argentinian friends taught me what they usually do for New Year tradition that will bring good luck. I think it is like a cleansing ceremony that involves people throwing water. They also taught me to say 'Cing" for a toast drink, like 'cheers'. My Italian friend, on the other hand, opened a bottle of wine right after the New Year and told us that it is better to drink wine on New Year. He taught us to wash our ears with Wine as a New Year tradition. It was soooo much fun.

Anyway, this New Year made me thinking. Do I have any resolution this year? I guess I do and some it involves Beauty life too. Here they are;
1. Write more blog posts
2. Learn more tricks to do make up
3. Be braver on using make up ( I am new on make up thingy, sometimes I am still too afraid of using make up)
4. Don't let others determine how you feel about yourself.
(I had some friends who seem to like commenting on people's body, especially my body parts. For example: I don't look nice in a picture because I look chubbier, or my arm looks too huge, my boobs looks shaggy, etc. Usually it always comes with 'nice' advice, like I should go to a gym and get my boobs&arms shape perfectly, or wearing clothes that will hide my horrible huge looking arms. I don't know if they mean well or maybe they did. But do they know that saying those things will just hurt the recipient? From that experience, I decided that when someone says all those horrible words to me. I will let them know that I don't like it. Hopefully they will understand. I mean we are woman with decent educational background why bother degrading ourselves by commenting on someone's body parts? Leave my body parts alone, thank you for your concern. Let me be happy with what I have. Sigh I got emotional again. I really dislike it when my friends commenting on my body parts. I love my friends but I hate what they said about my body parts. I have never ever comment about how fat her tummy looks or her face covered with acne, etc. Why? Because I know better than that and I don't know how the recipient will take it if I say those comments. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling by saying so. I have way too many concerns other than your body parts. Besides, I think all women are pretty when they have their own flaws. It makes us humanly pretty.)
So that were my Beauty Resolutions.

Do you have any Beauty Resolutions for 2014? If you have it, do share it with us. Maybe a new blogpost about your New Year Beauty Resolution and share it with your reader. Tag me or copy paste your link on the comment section, I will definitely check it out.

Happy New Year, Happy People.

Suci Park